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10 Important Factors of Closed and Intimate Relationships

intimate relationship

Friendships, how do you spell it? What are some of the defining characteristics of them? How do you go about forming them? What important factors are common to close intimate friendships and other relationships? This article employs the anagram F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P.S. to explore 10 important factors that characterize close intimate relationships and friendships.

intimate relationship

The 10 points explored in this article include


The first characteristic of a close intimate relationship is faithfulness or fidelity. To be faithful is to be loyal to the person at all times and not to say or do things that purposely cast your companion in a negative light. Friendship means to remain faithful to your loved one even when they are not present to defend themselves.


The second trait of friendship is respect. Companionship with another person means respecting them as a person and not making fun of their personality traits, values system, or actions. To respect someone else means not embarrassing them in public in order to puff up your own self-image in the sight of others.


Integrity is a third characteristic of close intimate relationships. Some have said that “love is never having to say you are sorry,” but this idea falls short of the ideal. True love is being honest and upright in the friendship and not purposely violating the relationship by lying and cheating. If you do make a mistake, integrity owns up to shortcomings and asks forgiveness for any wrong doing.


A fourth important factor of friendship is edification. True friendship is about building up your companion not tearing them down. Edification is about helping another person become the best they can be. To do this, you must speak positive words that lift them. Any necessary criticism should be constructive in nature.


Being near is a fifth characteristic of close intimate relationships. To be near means to be present in the other persons life. This means to be available and to take the initiative from time to time to spend both quality and quantity time with them.


A sixth important factor of friendship is that true friendship is durable. This means that your relationship can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’.


Being sacrificial is another characteristic of close intimate relationships. To be sacrificial is to think of the interests of the others. The Christian Bible says love is not self-seeking and admonishes people to not merely look after their own interests, but to consider others as more important than themselves. True friendship is sacrificial.


Sense of humour is the eighth important factor of friendship. Usually, overly serious people do not have a lot of friends. True friendship includes laughter and the ability to laugh at one’s own self.


Friendship must be inspirational. It spurs on the other to his or her highest heights and in doing so leaves you feeling good about yourself and life as well.


The tenth characteristic of a close intimate relationship mentioned here is true friendship is personal. This means that you are willing to get down and dirty with your companion. You are present with them in mind, body, and spirit. To be personal means to be there to listen to your friend’s heart.

These are 10 important factors of being a friend.

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