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15 Bumble Openers That Are Not Lame

Bumble is a dating app that has taken the internet by storm. The app allows users to connect with other users through messages and then decide if they want to meet in person.

Bumble is unique because it only allows women to message first. This has created some controversy, but it seems to be working.

The app is intended to create a safe environment for women. It allows women to decide if they want to meet and have the freedom to say no.

How to Start a Conversation on Bumble?

It can be tough to break the ice on dating apps, but one clever user has found a way to do just that with some funny and cheesy pickup lines. We have compiled some of the best Bumble openers to use on guys and girls. These openers are not lame and creepy.

For anyone using Bumble, here are some of the best lines to use to start a conversation:

“Are you as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside?” 

“I’m not sure what I’m doing here, but I guess I’ll just keep swiping until I find someone cute.” 

“Hey, I think you’re really pretty. Would you like to go out sometime?” 

“Do you have a boyfriend? ‘Cause you’re really pretty, and I want to know if I should be jealous.” 

“What’s your name? Mine’s [insert your name here].” 

“So what do you do for a living?

There are a lot of ways to start a conversation with a guy on Bumble, but some people don’t know how to make their opener stand out. If you’re looking for some creative and not-so-lame ways to start a conversation, here are a few ideas:

-Ask a question that requires more than a yes or no answer

-Make a statement that is both interesting and slightly controversial

-Start with a compliment, but make it specific and sincere

-Share something funny or unexpected that has happened to you recently

With any of these openers, make sure to keep the conversation going by asking to follow-up questions and being genuine in your interest.

What are good bumble openers?

There are many different types of bumble openers, so it can be hard to decide which is best for you. Some people prefer hard bumble openers, while others prefer soft bumble openers. There are also different ways to use a bumble opener, such as breaking the seal on a soda can or applying pressure to the top of a bottle.

An ” opener ” aims to get you to read the rest of the message. It’s the first thing you see when you see on a dating app. Openers are your first impression and can make or break your dating experience with someone. People will move on to the next thing if you’re not presenting a compelling opening.

Why Are Women So Bad At Bumble Openers?

There’s a reason why women are notoriously bad at bumble openers – they hesitate too much! They want to come across as confident but don’t want to seem too forward. So instead of saying anything at all, they stay quiet and hope the other person will make the first move. Unfortunately, this often leads to silence and missed opportunities.

The key to a good bumble opener is confidence. You need to be sure of yourself, and you need to be able to take rejection in stride. If you’re shy or hesitant, it will show in your opening line. And that will make the other person more likely to swipe left.

So how can you overcome your shyness? The first step is recognizing that it’s holding you back. Once you identify the problem, you can start working on solutions.

Top 15 Opening Lines for Bumble

If you’re looking for the best opening lines, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten opening lines to help you score a date. Whether you’re using Bumble or another dating app, these lines will help you start off on the right foot.

1. Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for swiping right/left on me. It’s nice to meet you.

2. You’re really handsome. I had to say something.

3. You seem cool, and I wanted to get to know you better.

4. You’re one of my favourite people on this app/site.

5. We have a lot in common! Let’s chat and see what happens.

6. Do you think we could have something more?

7. Can I take you out sometime?

8. I’d love to get to know you.

9. I’ve never been good at flirting; what would you say if I asked you out?

10. Is there anything else I need to know before we start going out?

11. Are you free after work tomorrow?

12. Would you like to meet my friends?

13. Will you help me study for my test tomorrow?

14. I was thinking about us hanging out together.

15. We have a lot in common! Let’s chat and see what happens.

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