Valentine Day Ideas

4 out of the box activities to practice this Valentine’s Day

We have all done the usual things on Valentine’s Day to impress our loved ones. Gifting to outings and even spending more than the pocket to frame this day as the most special.

Seeing everyone celebrate this day only for their dear ones, I wondered why not the same things do for the ones who necessitate it. As a writer about love, life, and various other genres, I thought of celebrating this day for those who need to be loved the most. Isn’t this our duty to share the love we are blessed with, the needy and the deprived?

There are so many things you can do this Valentine’s Day that is out of the box. Here are some ideas to help you practice this holiday in a new way.

Visit an orphanage

It is a privilege and a blessing to have parents to love us and care for us. In this world of inequality, some do not have any of these. In this lonely time, they found shelter at orphanages. To give them the love, hope and even happiness that they deserve.

Take a few gifts, toys, food or even clothing to bring that smile to their face. You can gift them books to read or tell stories spending an awesome contented day with them.

Visit a zoo

Forget that you’re being sold expensive chocolates and flowers at the animal lover’s equivalent of the flower shop—take it from someone who has loved these animals more than just about any other creatures in her life: The animal theme park, zoo or museum is still the most romantic place to be.

Animals are considered to be the best friend of mankind. So Valentine’s Day can be one of the perfect occasions for animal lovers to love and be with them. Take snacks to feed them and become friendly. At times taking out time for them can be a stress-free activity to practice.

A good time for Valentine’s Day date because who needs romance when you can be surrounded by some of the most amazing creatures on this planet?

Donate clothes

Poverty is one of the biggest curses to society. Due to this, some people do not have proper food to eat or even clothes to wear. On this day of love where people spend thousands of bucks to impress each other and flaunt, isn’t it better to do the same for the one who really desires it and has never experienced it before?

orphan children
4 out of the box activities to practice this Valentine's Day 2

Collect extra clothes or belongings in your society and donate them to old age or orphanage. Doing this will give a feeling of contentment and joy, which is way beyond any other feeling that you experience.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking to yourself, “I don’t have any clothes that are in good enough condition to donate.”  That’s okay. There are many clothing donation centres around the country that will take your gently used clothes and turn them into new items for the needy.

Arrange a party

Who does not like celebrations and parties, whether young or old? So, why not make a small arrangement for the children on the streets. Go to a park or book a place for them where you can set up snacks, music, and even games to bond, giving them a time of dreams and making them feel good.

You can do many other things to give a different edge to this day. It is a day about love and happiness, so it does not have to be a cliché celebration. If you add happiness to somebody’s life, you will surely justify the meaning of this day. So, spread the word so that more n more people help the needy. Though you do not need an occasion to do this if we have a special day of love, practising this on this day can be the best beginning of the year.

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