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5 romantic destinations to go this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and if you want to do something special for your significant other, why not plan a romantic getaway?

There are a lot of great places to go on a romantic vacation all around the world, from secluded beaches to exciting cities.

For some of us, a Valentine’s Day vacation is about reconnecting with our loved ones. But for a significant segment of the population, a trip to the beach, an exotic destination, or an adventure or outdoor activity seems a better choice than lounging around in front of the TV.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic escape to celebrate your significant other or a place to rekindle the spark in your relationship, here are five romantic destinations to enjoy on Valentine’s Day.

1. Swear on the Eiffel Tower of Paris

The Eiffel Tower of Paris has been the symbol of France and Paris for over a hundred years, making it a symbol of love in France and worldwide. It was established in 1889 as the entrance to the world fair. The place arranges an atmosphere to propose to your beloved and even have the finest of time to delight in each minute of the stay. You definitely need to check out the location to see what I am talking about.

Swear on the Eiffel Tower of Paris (French: Je Jure sur l’échelle Eiffel) is an oath of allegiance or an oath of love, that is commonly made in a romantic or passionate engagement.

2. Embrace the affection of the UK

This cold estate is known for its romantic season, commemorating Valentine’s Day. You can quickly take a break and visit this nature-surrounded continent. Schedule a comfortable cabin amid a forest or by the lakeside. For more alternatives, go towards the advanced royal side of the nation and delight in the view. You can go to the best love shacks, Shakespeare theatre, satisfying roof bars and perfect purchase shopaholics.

3. Dance away the night with Vegas

Vegas is stated as the only place with the highest number of marriages. Individuals throughout the world have been particularly organizing their weddings here. This implies it is absolutely the location of romance. The exotic shows and the lavish celebration are perfect for lovers and newlyweds. The place arranges an atmosphere to propose your cherished and even have the finest time to delight in each minute of the stay. You definitely need to visit the location to see what I am speaking about.

4. Venice

Venice, all of us understand, is popular for its unique location and the city floating on the water. This in itself is among the reasons to pull you towards it. This may not be the solace time spending location for you. If you still want to visit this location, you will have many historical realities to know.

The bridges, the churches, and the night walk by the island are among the romantic things you can do. To add more fun, you can visit Burano’s nearby island, which has fewer visitors checking out.


Venice city is a beautiful place for married people to make love and enjoy romantic moments. Venice’s romantic atmosphere and unique architecture are attracting many couples from all over the world. There are lots of romantic locations in Venice. Some of them are:

Canal Grande

This location is a canal that connects the Grand Canal with the Lagoon of Venice. This beautiful spot gives the feeling of floating on water. A lot of romantic moments can be had here. It is also a very quiet place to live with your lover. This place has many bridges that can lead to other areas of the city.

San Pietro church

This is one of the most popular romantic locations in Venice. There is a bridge in this church with the most romantic story. It was in the 14th century when the bridge was built. There was a huge fight between the Genovese and Venetian soldiers at that time. The countries did not agree to build a bridge over the Rialto. The Genovese soldiers decided to break the bridge to ensure they didn’t build a bridge. As they did so, they did it with the help of a boat full of soldiers. After this event, the bridge was destroyed.

Ponte dei Pugni

This bridge was built in the 13th century. During that time, the city’s people used to fight with stones on this bridge. They used to fight for money and property. If you visit this bridge during the day, you may find that people here are playing with the kids. They have a lot of fun playing.

Santa Maria Della Salute

This church is one of the oldest in the city. People visit this church for lovemaking and praying. Tlovemakingeautiful canal that goes by this church. This canal is full of small boats. You can see that there are a lot of couples making love in the small boats. In this canal, people used to spend their entire day. This is an ideal location to enjoy romantic moments with your lover.

5. Kerala backwaters

Amongst the famous romantic locations, Kerala also flaunts its backwaters. This place is popular for its romantic houseboats and even Ayurvedic spas. They will renew your senses and provide the best time to recover your body and establish nearness with your loved ones. This location uses the satisfaction of two types of locations: the seaside and the uneven area. Whether in a couple or with a household, you will all have an amazing time bonding well and commemorating each minute.

If you still want to visit this location, you will have many historical facts to understand. Among the famous romantic locations, Kerala likewise flaunts its backwaters.


As every location has its ramification, you can go to and add more romance to your relationship by preparing a great trip previously in hand. Escape with your precious this season to catch the very best of moments to cherish all your life.

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