Valentine Day Ideas

6 easy party steps to an awesome Valentine’s Day

This valentine, are you planning to throw a party to surprise your family, friends and lover? Then you are thinking right.

If you are a creative person, then why not grab this opportunity to show some skills to everyone and amaze them?

As a woman who handles various roles in life, everyone has that little hobby that they seldom depict. It is your time to shine for those who love to organise parties and have that spark to put up events.

To make it easy for you, I have mentioned below 6 important points that you need to keep in mind.

To begin with, have at least one week in hand before valentines day. It will give you enough time to make all the arrangements and book the venue before it gets overbooked.


Nowadays, parties have become theme oriented. Whether it is a birthday party for kids, an anniversary celebration for parents or any other occasion, they add fun and even make it creative for everyone. There are various kinds of themes available to choose from. Since it is valentine’s day, your theme is simple to decide. Love theme.

Once you are done choosing that, prepare a blueprint of what you need and how you will go about it.


The venue plays an important role in setting up any party. It revolves around the number of people you invite and the kind of party you plan to arrange. By now, when you have decided on the theme, go and find out about the venue. Ensure that the venue is located at a place that is easy to reach for everyone. It should be spacious enough to decorate nicely and accommodate the expected number of people.


You need some accessories to set up a party and even make the venue glitter. Some of them will be decoration items like balloons, mats, steamers, heart-shaped goodies, etc. Try to pick things in the best deals to help save, not exceed the budget. According to the theme, choose and pick accessories apt for the event.


Food is one of the most important points to be kept in mind while organising a party. Since you are doing everything on your own, decide whether you will be preparing the dishes or you will outsource. If you plan to outsource, then avoid experimenting with the new ones. Book the one you already know and guarantee taste and the best price. Make sure to pick dishes that are loved by all.


Try to arrange for a few games to entertain everyone, even the kids attending the party. It will add more enjoyment and not let the kids or the grandparents get bored while the parents interact and mingle with the others. You can even arrange a different section for kids to play and enjoy to the fullest.

Return gifts

Once the party is about to get over, make sure to give out return gifts to all the guests as a token of appreciation and the love you have for them. Wind up the day with blush and appreciation you will get for your hard work. Who would not love when their kids and family applaud them for their love.

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