6 sexy moves to arouse your man on Valentine’s Day


Arouse Your Man

Love defines every angle of closeness and expression. It proves your desire and how much you wish to be around your partner. This valentines day, I will help you to shell out from your shy side and show the attractive side of you, unexpected him.

Valentine s Day is a special day to express love and affection to your significant other.

Whether planning a romantic dinner or just spending time together, here are six sexy moves to arouse your man on Valentine s Day.

Try a new look

Then try some strong appearance he has never seen you bring if you are a simple lady every Day. The crux is a makeover that will pop his eyes to what he missed.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to try something new in the bedroom to excite your man. A new look can be just the thing to get his engine running. If you’re unsure what to do, here are a few sexy moves that will get him going.

Start by dressing up in something revealing and sexy. A tight dress or lingerie can work wonders. You may also want to try a different hairstyle or makeup look that’s more seductive. Once you’re all dolled up, start kissing him and let your hands wander. Touch him all over his body and tell him how much you want him.

Kinky Wear

Dress in an outfit that shows off your curves. You might wear a tight dress or skirt that hugs your body and makes him want to reach out and touch you.


Select lingerie those are erotic and blow his mind off. Many online sites sell various romantic two pieces enhancing your assets properly.

And finally, don’t be afraid to touch him in a suggestive way. Run your hand along his arm or chest, or place it on his thigh while sitting next to him. These little touches will let him know you’re interested in him and ready for some fun!


Valentine’s Day makes it apparent that you will recreate your house atmosphere and offer him the most pleasing night of his life. Some men like to see their women guiding them to a wild night with sexy wear. Why not attempt a hot side of dressing tonight.

Revive old fragrance charm

For everyone, there may be a specific scent that he initially got attracted to. The old scent that rejuvenates the love and the sex appeal between you two spills the same tonight to make him relive those fuming moments of falling in love and holding you more passionately. Get to the extreme of seduction.

Extended lovemaking session

Lovemaking is the ultimate main dish of wild foreplay that depicts the strength of love. Try taking this course for a longer period on this day. Explore new ways to mount your man and make him experience tremendous satisfaction revealing your unstoppable stamina.

Appealing to young couples to sharing intimate minutes in the bedroom

Experiment with devices that elevate the state of mind and add more desire. Take charge and ride your horse in the most seductive method that blows off his mind. With such a session, he will be overwhelmed to see you being so comfy and controlling, which he might have craved.

A warm bath

One way to arouse your man is by taking a warm bath together. This will help to relax his body and get him in the mood. You can add some scented bubbles or oils to the bath for an extra touch. Another way to get him aroused is by kissing him passionately.

Start with light kisses and work your way up to deeper ones. You can also try touching him in intimate areas, such as his chest or stomach. If you are feeling daring, you can even give him a little bit of a lap dance! Whatever you do, ensure you are responsive to his cues and pay attention to what turns him on.

A perfect supper

I leave the night to you with more love, passion, expression, affection and sessions. Wink!

As soon as you are out of the water, you might not wish to dress up and go out for a dinner date. So why not arrange one in your home. Order food from the best locations and have a cozy supper in bed, seeing your preferred motion picture. An impressive wind-up of the day dipped in love.

So ladies, take charge and prepare for a hot night to present your guy this valentines day which he will not forget ever!


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