Valentine Day Ideas

6 ways to surprise your guy on Valentine’s Day

With a few days left for valentine’s month to start, you all must be perplexed about how to go about with the day. This valentine, you might be thinking about what to do best for your beloved.

Here is a small bouquet of ideas you could choose from to show how special he is to you. He may not expect to be surprised or pampered by you. But arranging a fantastic day for him could add you some points in your basket to extract extra pampering.

You just have to know how to surprise him on special occasions without being over the top. And with the world in a state of constant flux, you can do that.

For golden couples who have shared a few valentine’s years, this is your chance to rekindle the romance in your relationship and nurture it.

Plan a surprise outing of his choice

When we think of surprising our darlings, an excellent trip is the first thing that comes to mind. If you get good days to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, why not plan an outing of his choice? Pick a place that he always wanted to go to or where he can enjoy his time.

Various places give you a pool of options during this season you cannot miss. If you do not favour an extended holiday, book tickets for his favourite game. Once you slide them towards him, see how his eyes twinkle out of joy.

sunset beach couple

Prepare a special dinner table at home.

You might not be the regular cook type, so this is the time you can show off your cooking skills and prepare a delicious dinner. If you are an expert cook, try treating his taste buds with a new delicacy he has not attempted. Lay the table nicely and prepare the perfect ambience that will mesmerize him with your endless creative talent.

Go for a movie

If you are both fond of watching films, this is the apt time to enjoy your togetherness. Choose the type of movies he likes to watch and impress by showing how much you know him. Take an interest in the action-packed scenes and prove him to be his best company.

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6 ways to surprise your guy on Valentine’s Day 3

For those who do not like to go out to theatres, it is a perfect opportunity to get cozy in bed and watch your favourite films comfortably with some yummy snacks.

This might make up a perfect chance to get closer! Who would miss it?

A sweet love letter or note expressing your love

Though letters have become the bygone way of communication and expression, they are still one of the cutest and most emotional ways to express your feelings. Try drafting a note or a letter spilling your heart out to tell him how much you love him. This can be one of the most adored gifts he would keep close to his heart.

A nice photo session

Memories are made permanent if you freeze them in pictures. Have a nice photo session throughout the day and capture all those moments you want to engrave during your love journey. If it is your first valentine with your Romeo, you can hire a professional photographer to make your candid moments special and more appealing.

Do a little extra by throwing a mini party and inviting friends

This may not be something you would be in favour of. But for those who think it can be a good idea to celebrate love with his friends and relatives, you will surely make them be in awe of you. This will make the celebration double and enhance the love and understanding you have always wished for.

With these amazing, simple, and exciting ideas, you can make your man gaga about you for the rest of the year. Change the trend of only boys surprising girls. It’s time you take charge and surprise him with your way of celebration.

Spread love and peace this valentine’s day and take pride in making your loved one feel special.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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