Are Rebound Relationships Destined For Failure?


For some reason or another, rebound relationships are frowned upon. People think that once you hook up after a breakup, it’s poor form since you should be mourning.

What is a Rebound Relationship?

A rebound relationship is defined as getting into a relationship with someone right after you or they have broken up. These occur very frequently because people are in their most emotional and vulnerable states right after a breakup.

Rebounds may occur when someone feels neglected or unfulfilled in their current relationship, leading them to look for love elsewhere. Rebounds also often result from people feeling threatened or embarrassed by their previous partner, which can motivate them to seek out new partners. Ultimately, rebounds usually don’t last long because they lack the same level of intimacy and commitment that characterized the original relationship.

Why do Rebound Relationships Fail?

Rebounding relationships often fail because of the emotional needs that are being met through the relationship. It can be hard to stay committed to a rebound relationship and the people involved.

A rebound relationship is different from an affair. They’re both great sources of pleasure, but only the affair is wrong, while a rebound is often a source of tremendous pain and self-destruction. A rebound relationship is essentially dating to fill an emotional void, but this is no more than a Band-Aid for something much bigger.

A rebound relationship is a short-term emotional connection to a relationship partner with the goal of finding satisfaction outside the relationship.

A man and a woman are bound to each other in a romantic relationship because they share romantic feelings for each other. Because they feel romantic attraction, they are willing to set aside their own needs and desires. This lacks in a rebound relationship


People in rebound relationships often believe that the new relationship is better than the old one. Unfortunately, this is not always true. Rebounds often get caught up in their own emotions, assuming that the new partner will be more compatible than the previous one was. Additionally, rebounding couples often assume that they know everything about their new partner, which can lead to misunderstandings and conflict.

Most rebound relationships start out healthy and with a plan. However, very quickly, the two people will start to make different choices. They will begin to do things differently or start to have more secrets. They may have begun to fall in love. At this time, they may begin to make mistakes. They may begin to feel jealous or insecure. They may begin to doubt their feelings.


The problem for many people is that they don’t know how to stop doing what they did before, or how to change their behaviour. Because they are not honest with themselves, they become confused. They begin to feel guilty and start making excuses for their partner’s behaviour.


A rebound relationship is a relationship between someone who is not really in love with that person and will eventually dump them for a more stable and long-term relationship. A rebound relationship is not really a relationship at all. It’s something that happens because someone is looking for something – something they aren’t necessarily happy with or even interested in having. A rebound relationship is not a fair relationship because both parties aren’t getting what they want.

The reasons rebound relationships fail are very personal, so it is important to realize that if you are able to learn to be in a healthy relationship, you won’t need to rely on a rebound relationship to feel emotionally connected with someone. You can’t fill an emotional void with another relationship, so it is essential to seek out a healthy relationship that meets your needs, and if it doesn’t, end the rebound.


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