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Are You Shy With Opposite Sex? | How to Overcome Shyness?

There are a lot of people in the world who experience shyness, and the cause of it is more or less the same for everyone.

Shyness stems from the fact that we just don’t want to be the centre of attention. Quite a few people may not understand the reason for a shy person’s behaviour because they have never experienced the same.

One of the most challenging situations for shy people is meeting someone new. There are so many questions you need to ask, but often many scared people cannot come up with the words to say.

It is natural to be attracted to people different from us, but it is also customary to be shy with others. Most people know if they are a “people pleaser, ” which is very likely to have stemmed from a timid and quiet person feeling they cannot express themselves. When you are scared, you often feel nervous about speaking and nervous that what you say will be wrong. As a result, it can be difficult to get comfortable with other people.

The Problem

Shyness is a social anxiety disorder which happens due to a lack of social skills. It makes you shy to meet new people, speak to strangers, and make conversation with a new person.

The reason we avoid others is most often rooted in either emotional and/or psychological factors. If you have anxiety, it could be that the fear of making a fool of yourself is paralyzing. The fear of being rejected may also cause shyness. Shyness might stem from feelings of inadequacy and insecurity about yourself, so you don’t want to risk being criticized or finding yourself in uncomfortable situations. You might feel too needy, not good enough, or lack social skills to engage in normal conversation.

Shyness becomes an issue when it interferes with the ability to communicate with other people.

Meeting someone new is tough when that person is of the opposite sex. You have to find out the other person’s name, occupation, location, what they do for fun, their favourite food, and so much more. This can be overwhelming to shy people, but there are ways around this. One way is to have a list of questions or a cheat sheet for all the questions you want to ask. Another way is to have someone else ask the questions for you. Someone else can take a quiz online and send it.

Many of us are uncomfortable conversing with people of the opposite sex. That will get us nowhere. We fear conversing with someone of the other sex. Something that brings us to a halt occurs. Why do we worry?

We are not afraid to speak with members of our own sex. We are self-assured. We have a good sense of self-worth and regard ourselves as desirable. Why then? It’s as if a switch in the head is turned off and says no when conversing with people of the other sex.

Do You Feel Shy When You Are With The Opposite Sex?

Are you shy when you are with the opposite sex? Are you comfortable around men? Are you comfortable around women? You will want to ensure that you are comfortable around the opposite sex. You will want to take this into consideration when answering these questions. You are going to want to consider your personality.

If you have a nervous personality, then you may not be comfortable around the opposite sex. It does not mean that you do not like men or women. It just means that you are not comfortable when you are with the opposite sex. You are nervous, and it will be your lack of confidence and comfort that you are lacking. You may be concerned, and that is fine, but you need to understand what it is that is stopping you from being comfortable.

The Solution

What can be done in response to this? This is a psychological issue. Our thinking informs us that we are not deserving. We may be turned away. We may be mocked. Our mind cautions us to defend ourselves and states emphatically that we are not to approach someone of the other sex. This is the mental process. Either fight or flee.

In this instance, we take flight. However, with this fleeing, we will never find a suitable companion. We will always remain alone and longingly observe other couples as they go about their business. Therefore, what should we do?

The first step is to analyse ourselves and compare ourselves to our friends in these instances. Are we as astute as they? Are we on a par with them in terms of intelligence? Are we as self-assured as they are? Are we as well-dressed as they are? Is our personality just as admirable?

You may discover that you are scoring more points than your buddies on most of these concerns. Thus, one point has been established. You are a desirable individual. If your buddies are not shy, what makes you feel that way? Gather your courage and approach individuals of the other sex with assurance.

Do not be concerned about rejections. There might be several causes for this. Approach with tact, and you will undoubtedly find a suitable date—best of luck.

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