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Being in love quotes

being in love quotes Today and a new set of beautiful quotations which will make all of the love him feel happy because it’s already the beginning of
love quotes
quote 1
ads Love makes me feel like I am with an real angel on the planet

quote 2
Do you know that feeling when reality is better from your dreams that is what I called love

quote 3
When you are in love your smile is special for one person and your heart bit just for him voice

quote 4
ads I am in love with him because he look at me the way all women want to be looked by the man

quote 5
You are the best thing in my life, you are different and with one call you make my day.

quote 6
When you are in love, nobody can tell you that you are, but you will simple know it when you feel it.

quote 7
Love is when you eat unhealthy food and each other are fat buddies.

quote 8
Love is when you are angry to her and when she start to crying you feel like death man.

quote 9
I am in love with her because she open he..