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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Yourself?

What is a better way to celebrate yourself than to celebrate yourself and your relationship with yourself in the way you would do with someone you love?

I’m saying this because everyone is different and everyone’s relationship with themselves is different. You know if you are a singleton or have already been in a relationship and are still single, or you are married and feeling like you’re the only one. Either way, celebrate yourself! You are the star of your life, the hero or heroine of your own story.

So, to celebrate me in the way that I want to, and will always celebrate myself, here are my top three tips on celebrating Valentine’s Day with yourself:


Be Yourself

When I started writing this post, I realized I would get all personal about it and it’s time that I own up to that. You have to be yourself! Who are you as a person, aside from your looks? Are you shy, are you outspoken? Who are you, really? Let yourself be whoever you are. You don’t need to fake it, either. If you are shy, then be shy. You have the right to your personality, thoughts, and feelings and let others judge you on those things.

I will say that I am a very outgoing person. I love to go on walks with people, talk, share stories, and laugh. I love laughing and being silly. So, I’m like this. And I’ve always been like this. So, if you are just like me, you shouldn’t feel bad about it. Don’t let other people stop you from being you. You have to stand up for yourself!

And if you’re not like this, that’s okay! Who are you, as a person, if not this outgoing, funny, or shy person? If you’re like me, then embrace it. Because no one can stop you from being who you are.

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Try Different Looks

It’s all about variety! Experiment with different looks: wear a floral sweater and go barefaced, wear a flannel shirt and go barefaced, wear a skirt and wear your hair up, wear a dress and wear your hair up. Try a new look every day for a week. It’ll change your mood and give you plenty of opportunities to express your new self.

A new hairstyle will allow you to try out a new look. Play with different shades of your hair colour, different lengths, colours, and volume. Try a shorter or longer bob and play with the layering of your hair to make it look more or less casual or stylish. Add extensions to play with a new length or shape, or go braless. Switch out your everyday eyeglasses for fun coloured or cat-eye frames.

Sharing photos on social media of different looks allows you to celebrate yourself!

Say Good Morning to Yourself

What do you do when you hear yourself talking to yourself? Do you say something? You may be surprised to find that in the majority of the time, you simply say nothing at all.

When you take time to talk to yourself, you can take a step towards your self-love, acknowledge the thoughts that may be creeping in and give yourself a pat on the back for being strong and positive. You can say things like “What am I thankful for today?” and “What am I grateful for?” and more. You can even write yourself a positive note!

Say good morning to yourself by starting your day with a positive affirmation. Repeat your affirmation aloud once you’re ready to start your day.

Go Out

I always find myself wishing I had a date in the old days, or even today because I find that you just get lost in life when you are by yourself. I always think that if I went out on a night with a date, I would be able to talk to them about things that are going on in my life, and they could relate to me better than I could on my own. I think that if you’re with someone else, then you can be honest with them because you know they will understand.

My favourite date spot is the river! Yes, the river is my favourite date spot and you should try it too. I think that you could go for a walk or bike ride or even a hike. I can recommend a really good book to read too (we’ll talk about that later).


Reading has been my favourite thing for the past few years and I don’t know why. I guess it’s because I love to read. I feel like reading is just better than being in a relationship because you’re on your own and you get to know people better than you would if you were with someone. Reading has been my favourite thing, and it’s always on my mind, so I think that if you’re going to have a Valentine’s Day date with yourself, I would recommend reading.

Whether it be a book about your experiences or reading a book about someone else, it doesn’t matter. I think that you should always be reading books. What do you want to read? What book do you want to read right now? If you have to go to the bookstore, have a day where you can just pick out books.

Watch a Funny Movie

It’s often important to be able to laugh at ourselves and to see the funny side of things. What would life be like without any humour and laughter? If you’re like me, it would be a pretty sad life!

Funny movies are full of situations that happen in everyday life, so you can see how our reactions can range from “What a silly thing to say!” to “I love that!” Funny movies are a great way to bring yourself back to reality and allow yourself to lighten up!

Watch a fun movie or two and appreciate the funny side of life today.


As everyone knows, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 every year. Why not try to remember this day as a reminder that your path is always open for you and you can try new things in life without feeling insecure? If your partner will always support you, there’s nothing to prevent you from trying new things as you grow up. Also, don’t forget to focus on yourself, your passions, and what you really like, and you will feel much happier.

You already know how important self-love is to overall happiness. And what better day to show yourself some love? Celebrate today, for yourself, give yourself a pat on the back or simply have fun celebrating.

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