Smart and Effective Dating Advice For Women for a Strong Relationship

People ruin their chances for real love by wanting too much too soon. You are wise to let love unfold naturally rather than trying to force it into your own timetable.

By the same token, if you’re not getting measurable results in a reasonable amount of time, you should begin looking for alternatives to the love situation you’re in.

The following ideas are designed to help any woman who wants to control the pace and direction of the dating relationship in the early stages:

Help him make the first move

As a general rule, set it up so that the man makes the first move. You can provide suggestions and encouragement to make this easier for him, but he is the one who has to pass the twin tests of desire and courage. If he doesn’t have much of either, then this isn’t a guy who deserves your efforts.

Get him comfortable first

Men don’t like looking stupid and do almost anything to avoid being too far outside their comfort zone. This means that a woman should lower the pressure of dating to a point where it is casual enough to put him at ease. However, please don’t make the event seem so trivial that he will take it too lightly.

Is he a decent guy?

All good dating prospects are quality human beings. So the first thing that you have to determine is whether the fellow you’re interested in is a decent person or not. Associating in any expanded way with an unhealthy individual is a sure-fire formula for disaster.

Is he a good love candidate?

While all good love candidates are good guys, not all good guys make good love candidates for you. You have to be a good match for him, and he has to be a good match for you as well. Aside from feeling that you are the right woman and he is the right man, you should also make sure that there aren’t any major divisive issues (race, religion, ethnicity, family, economics, distance, schedules, etc.) that could make the long-term situation too difficult to overcome.

Is he getting more into you?

While it’s natural to gauge whether you’re getting more into the man you’re dating, it is equally important to note if he’s getting more interested in you. Men will typically evaluate their love for a woman heavily by their intensity of desire. If you’re not feeling the heat of the chase, then you’re probably not connecting as well as you might hope or think.

dating tips for women

If he’s not that interested in you, then you have zero chance to make this work and must move on regardless of how much you like him. Many people fail to understand that chemistry is something that doesn’t change much over time.

Can this work without him change?

Sometimes a man will stop pursuing an attractive woman because he feels that he would have to make significant changes to make her happy. Unsuspecting women often overlook this possibility because the man will probably give favourable feedback on the exterior. However, on the inside, he thinks that some entirely different lifestyles, values, goals, or personalities will not match up well over time.

Unless the man’s desire is extremely strong or there are few chances, he may pass on a woman who presents too many differences. Not in the future isn’t about disliking her; he doesn’t want to go through the effort, frustration, and hassle of trying to change each other to make the relationship work long-term.

Is hanging out a good option?

Your peer group will often determine what’s cool and what’s not in the case of dating. For some younger people, hanging out with friends is a low-pressure semi-date experience that determines how well you mix in public. Generally speaking, from a woman’s perspective, this is not a confirmed date and should be done sparingly and for only a short period.

This is not a good substitute for demonstrating a man’s sincere interest in you and is primarily designed as a way to get more comfortable first or a cheap way of seeing if there’s any chemistry going on.

Real dating means a real risk

A guy with good intentions for a woman will willingly spend time and money to create an enjoyable dating experience. So if you don’t see this in the first two one-on-one encounters, then you’re probably dealing with a guy who isn’t interested in having a serious relationship with you. Consider his actions at this stage carefully before proceeding any further; otherwise, you may end up in a “friends with benefits” arrangement.

In that relationship, the participants don’t invest much of themselves emotionally and hence don’t receive the joy that a healthy love relationship naturally provides. By going on accurate dates, you will quickly sort out the men who don’t have serious intentions with you and therefore could care less about making a big impression on you.

Remember that sex changes everything

The basic rule on this point is that having sex too soon hurts your chances for real love. On a more practical level, wise women should avoid having sex with a guy they are interested in on the first few dates. You will have to overcome the awkwardness of having too much physical intimacy without the corresponding emotions. 

Having sex is much more enjoyable for both parties when a gradual emotional buildup makes the physical moment feel unique and exceptional. A more mature man with sincere interest and respect for a woman will happily wait for this special moment to happen naturally.

By learning about the dating process, you’ll be able to anticipate when to respond and how to respond to both good and bad opportunities.

The bottom line

Dating sucks when you don’t control your love life’s pace or direction. But dating rocks when you have a firm grip on what’s happening in each stage of your relationship. That way, you can invest your energy and emotions in men who are good prospects for lasting love.

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