Does he truly love you or just fooling around?

Love can be a very confusing thing, and you can be left confused about your relationship.

For girls and women, it is crucial to know whether her man really loves her or is just fooling around? In this article, we have tried to give you some hints about the typical behaviour of men that can help you spot out their seriousness toward you.

Read on and find out how to tell the difference.

What are your activities like

You can get an idea about whether a guy loves you or is just fooling around by the kind of activities you do together. If you guys do things besides sex, he is in love with you, but if you meet only when he wants some action, he is just fooling around.

Look at the gifts that you get

Men give gifts to please their women, and these gifts speak a lot of what he wants. While an occasional sensual gift such as lingerie is fine, if you find that he is giving you gifts related only to see, you should know that all he is doing is fooling around.

Is he open to talking about some long term plans

When a guy is in love with you, he will talk regarding his long term plans and goals with you. He will try to involve you in the decision making processes and will value your opinion. If he doesn’t do any of this and doesn’t share anything with you then know that he’s only interested in fooling around.

Does he flirt with your friends

When a guy is in love with you he will make an effort to get your friends to like him but he will never cross the line and flirt with him. But if your man behaves outrageously and flirts with every woman,n including your friend, he doesn’t care about you or your feelings and is only fooling around.

Do you always pay for him

Equality is fine, and sharing or even footing the bill for you is also fine. But if you find yourself paying for him at all times and suddenly see that you are covering his bills and living expenses, he is interested only in fooling around with you.

Is he sulky if you are not having sex

What happens if you tell him one day you cannot have sex when you meet? If he is in love with you, he’ll stick around, find out what’s bothering you, and try to make you feel better by doing some other activity. If he’s fooling around he will either press for the sex or come up with some excuse and scoot.

He gives you support

When a guy loves you, he will be there for you and support yous. But if he’s fooling around he doesn’t care about you or the kind of support you need.

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