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Does he truly love you or just fooling around?

Relationships are hard. Especially when you’re not sure if your significant other truly loves you or if they’re just fooling around.

It is crucial for girls and women to know whether their man loves them or is just fooling around? In this article, we have tried to give you some hints about the typical behaviour of men that can help you spot their seriousness toward you.

In this article, we will discuss five signs that your significant other may not be in love with you. So if you’re feeling uncertain about the state of your relationship, read on for some tips!

What are your activities like

The kinds of things that a man and a woman do together can be used as a barometer to determine whether or not he is serious about the relationship or simply playing around. If you do things together except have sex, he is in love with you, but if you only see one other when he is looking for some action, he is simply playing around.

Look at the gifts that you get

When men seek to make their ladies happy, they often offer them presents; the nature of these gifts often reveals a lot about what the man really wants. If you discover that he is giving you things connected only to see, you should be aware that he is just messing around. An occasional sensual gift such as lingerie is OK, but if you find that he is giving you goods related only to view, you should know that he is just messing around.

Is he open to talking about some long-term plans?

If a guy is truly in love with you, he will share with you his aspirations and objectives for the foreseeable future. He will make an effort to include your ideas into the decision-making process and will consider your feedback. If he does none of these things and doesn’t share anything with you, then you should assume that he is merely interested in playing around with you.

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Does he flirt with your friends?

When a guy is truly in love with you, he will do everything in his power to win your friends over to his side, but he will never over the line and flirt with your best friend. However, if your partner acts in an outlandish manner and flirts with other women, even your close female friend, it is clear that he does not care about you or your emotions and is merely playing around.

Do you always pay for him?

Equality is great, as is sharing or even having someone else pay for you, and splitting the bill is also OK. However, if you find yourself paying for him all the time and all of a sudden realise that you are covering his bills and living expenses, he is simply interested in playing around with you, he will continue to expect you to pay for everything.

Is he sulky if you are not having sex?

What would happen if you inform him one day that you are not allowed to have sex when you meet up with him? If he loves you, he would stick around, find out what’s upsetting you, and then try to make you feel better by doing something other than what’s bothering you. If he is just messing around, he will either insist on having sexual relations with you or make up an alibi and leave.

He gives you support

If a guy loves you, he will support you and be there for you whenever you need him. However, if he is playing around, he does not care about you or the type of assistance that you require.

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