Does My Ex Still Have Feelings For Me?

10 Actions You Should Watch For To Get The Answer!


Unsure as to whether or not your ex still has feelings for you? Don’t wonder anymore, because there are 10 definite actions that will ALWAYS mean one thing: your ex has feelings for you.

All you have to do is match these actions up to your ex’s, and voila, you will have your answer:

Trying To Make You Jealous – They tell you about their new date or someone they met, and they wait for your reaction. If your ex had moved on, they wouldn’t feel the need to fill you in on their new dating life.

Asking To Meet You – Even if your ex just becomes touchy/feely when you meet, their request to meet in person comes from the emotional attachment that they still have with you.

Getting Upset When You Bring Up The Past – If your ex becomes upset, mad, angry etc… when you blame them for things in the past; it’s because they still have feelings for you, and you clearly still get to them as much as you did before.

They Laugh With You Over The Past – A person who reminisces and laughs over the past they shared with you, is a person who clearly is not over you still.

They Are Unable To Tell You Why They Are Still Single – You ask your ex why he/she still has not moved on, and they can’t give you a definite answer. It’s because they don’t want to, they aren’t over you, that’s why.


Your Ex Asks If You Are Still Single – An ex who is nosy about your dating life, is an ex who would like to be dating you. It’s clear your ex is fearing you have moved on and feels jealous at the thought.

Your Ex Asks You To Events – They have a work party coming up, or saw an event happening in your city; and ask if you would like to go with them. They could ask anyone, but they are asking you because they still want you.


Calling You By Your Pet Name – Someone who had lost all emotional feelings toward someone would refer to them by their professional name. But, an ex who still has feelings for you will call you by your pet names still, out of admiration.

Hearing You Out On Your Life – You are feeling upset or may still not be over something painful they did to you in the past. You vent to your ex, and they listen to it all without arguing anymore; that’s a sign that they are willing to accept you back again.

Suggesting That You Were The Best Person They Had – Perhaps your ex has dated people since you, BUT your ex suggests that even still, you were the best one they’ve been with and no one tops you. That’s an obvious sign that your ex still has feelings for you.


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