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Does Your Ex Still Have Feelings For You?

10 Actions You Should Watch For To Get The Answer!

If you have been separated for a long time, you must find it very difficult to remember that your ex could possibly have any feelings for you.

There is a lot of truth to what a lot of people say about having a relationship breakup. But it is easier said than done. So much truth and so many things which can go wrong during this process of getting a new person into your life.

There are many men who had the experience of feeling that their ex-girlfriend or ex-wife still has feelings for them after a breakup. There are also many women who feel that their exes still have feelings for them after break up. But here are signs to help you understand whether your ex still has feelings for you.

They Want to Contact You

The first hint is that your ex want to contact you. This is usually a good sign because it implies that he’s still thinking about you. If he already has moved on, it won’t be a problem for him to forget about the past.

Your ex may contact you to discuss what went wrong and what he would like to do in the future. For example, if the two of you were in a relationship and you broke up, your ex may want to be friends. But if he’s already in a new relationship, he won’t have any reasons to contact you and you should give it some time before trying to contact him.

Trying To Make You Jealous

It’s possible that your ex is trying to make you jealous for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they are trying to attract your attention by playing on your emotions since they no longer receive it and want it so badly. Perhaps they want you to appreciate what you had and what you’re missing out on now that you’re apart. Whatever the case may be, take it as a sign that your ex still considers you important and still has affection for you.

Asking To Meet You

Even if your ex just becomes touchy/feely when you meet, their request to meet in person comes from the emotional attachment that they still have with you.

It could also indicate that they’ve been thinking about you and wish to reconnect. An ex who requests a meeting with you is someone you should probably see.

Getting Upset When You Bring Up The Past

If your ex becomes upset, mad, angry etc… when you blame them for things in the past; it’s because they still have feelings for you, and you clearly still get to them as much as you did before. They do not want to lose you as a friend. If they have moved on from you and are in another relationship, then they have no reason to be upset, mad or angry. They can move on with their life, and you with yours.

They Have Mixed Feelings

Another good sign to know that your ex may still have feelings for you is when they say that they’re undecided about whether to move on or to stay with you. They may not be sure whether it’s good to give a relationship another chance or just move on and look for someone new. So, it’s a good idea to see what your ex says in order to gauge whether they will move on or they will stay with you.

Your Ex Asks If You Are Still Single

You and your ex split up a while ago, but you can’t help but worry if they’re thinking about you. After all, you two have a long history together, and it’s only natural to wonder if they feel the same way.

If your ex-lover inquires as to your present relationship status, that could be a sign that their feelings for you haven’t faded. It’s a good indicator that they want to know if you’re available because it shows they’re interested in you.

It’s possible that your ex is inquiring about your relationship status for motives other than simple curiosity. It’s possible they’re just concerned about your well-being. There’s also the chance they’re secretly hoping you’re available so they can make a move on you.

Stay calm and collected if your ex-lover inquires about your current relationship status. You must be careful not to encourage them to hope for too much. Tell them how you really feel, and make it clear that you don’t want to get back together.

Your Ex Asks You To Events

They have a work party coming up or saw an event happening in your city, and ask if you would like to go with them. They could ask anyone, but they are asking you because they still want you.

Calling You By Your Pet Name

Someone who had lost all emotional feelings toward someone would refer to them by their professional name. But, an ex who still has feelings for you will call you by your pet names still out of admiration.

Hearing You Out On Your Life

You are feeling upset or may still not be over something painful they did to you in the past. You vent to your ex, and they listen to it all without arguing anymore; that’s a sign that they will accept you again.

Telling That You Were The Best Person They Had

If your ex tells you that you were the finest thing that ever happened to them, it’s because they still care deeply about you. They may not be ready to tell you they still care, but the fact that they are telling you this indicates that they do. The fact that your ex is giving you hope in this form is encouraging.

Sum up

Some guys or Girls still have feelings for their ex even after a breakup. Sometimes a broken relationship does not necessarily mean they want to give up on their ex. They are willing to give her a second chance and give it some time if she decides to work out the kinks. These hints can help you find out if they have still some feelings for you after breakup.

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