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How to Get Romance Back Into Your Dormant Relationship?

When you’ve been with your partner for a while, it’s easy to let the romance fall by the wayside. You get busy with work, kids, and life, and suddenly you find yourself in a sexless marriage or relationship.

If you’re missing that physical connection with your partner, it’s time to rekindle the romance. Getting that romance back does not take as much as you may think to rekindle the dying flame of romantic love and intimacy.

Women hold the key to what their relationship becomes. It is up to them to keep their finger on the pulse and keep it on track. I know what you are thinking. “Why should I have to do the work”.

It is because your man really does not know how. How would he have learned if he did not have romantic parents or someone to teach him?

So ladies, if you want a romantic and exciting relationship, there are many things that you can do to relight his fire. Here are a few suggestions that, when implemented, will create a more loving environment for your relationship to grow.

Go grocery shopping together

It’s hard to believe, but going grocery shopping together can actually make your relationship stronger. You’ll have something to talk about besides bills, kids and…shopping! And if you’re both cooking, you’ll be able to share recipes and tips. And who doesn’t love a little romance?

Have a date night

Plan a special evening or weekend away together. Take a drive somewhere scenic (but not too crowded) and spend some quality time. Maybe you could visit a museum, grab a coffee at a local café, or go hiking in a nearby park. Whatever it is, make it special.

Make him feel special

Your man must feel special like he is the most important person in your life. If you are not making him feel special, some other woman will. Often times a man will stray when he no longer feels like he means that much to you anymore. The next woman that gives him attention will get his attention.

So just because you are in a relationship does not mean you should think about letting your image falter. Be the woman he fell in love with and nothing less. So a note for the guys, the same is true for women. When your woman shows you love and appreciation, you must let her know how special she is to you.

All men have a little boy locked up inside of them that longs to come out and play. No matter how successful or strong he may be, he waits for permission to have fun with the little girl inside you. It makes him feel happy when you can make him laugh and enjoy the playful little boy that wants to loosen up outside of the demands the outside world has of him. It may be tough at first but it is important to learn how to let that child inside of you out.

Try something different

Don’t rely on old habits and routines. Instead, permit yourselves to try something new. Whether it’s trying a new restaurant, going to a concert, or taking a class, do it! New experiences can be exciting, and they can add spice to your relationship.

Be Clear in Your Communication

A common mistake that women make in their relationships is that they send mixed messages to their men. Remember that a man will take what you say literally. So if you tell them that you should not exchange a gift on your anniversary or another occasion, do not get him one and expect him to have one for you.

Because most likely he will not. Do not say one thing and mean something else. Men are not minded readers any more than women are. Do not ever think “They should have known” Your man will not have the faintest idea what you want unless you tell him.

Give each other gifts

Gifts aren’t just for birthdays anymore. So instead of waiting until Valentine’s Day to show your affection, give the gift of kindness now. Buy your partner flowers or chocolate or tickets to a movie. Or treat them to a massage or pedicure. Giving presents isn’t always expensive, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Just choose something thoughtful and unique and enjoy the feeling of giving it.

Spend some alone time

Spending time alone won’t necessarily mean having a pity party. In fact, spending time alone can be the perfect opportunity to recharge and refocus. Taking time for yourself can be rewarding and rejuvenating. And when you’re ready to reconnect, it’ll be easier than ever. Spending some quality alone time with your partner can help rekindle the spark that brought you together in the first place.


In conclusion, if you feel like your relationship has lost its romance, don’t despair. There are many things you can do to bring the spark back. Talk to your partner about what they need and be willing to try new things. Be creative and have fun!

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