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Ex-Boyfriend Wants to Be Just Friends – What to Do?

When your ex-boyfriend wants to be friends, it can be difficult to know what to do. You may still have feelings for him, or you may simply want to move on. If you decide to remain friends with your ex, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, it’s important to set boundaries. You don’t want to give him the impression that you’re still interested in a romantic relationship.

Being friends with your ex is kind of like having a bad hangover – You know it’s bad, but it’s so hard to stay awake. That’s the reality that many women have after having a serious relationship.

The world is full of people we meet and interact with every day. While some are a pleasure to be around, others can be a source of disappointment and even heartbreak. However, it is inevitable that we will eventually end up in relationships with people that are a source of frustration, hurt and anger. Sometimes it may be due to our own actions. Other times it may be due to external factors. So, how should you navigate these relationships when they are unhealthy and no longer viable?

Acknowledge the fact that you’ve been cheated on

It’s important that you don’t ignore your feelings of betrayal when you realize that your ex-boyfriend has cheated on you. Rather, you should acknowledge that this has happened and that you no longer want to be with this person. This will help you to avoid the common mistake of trying to pretend that the relationship never occurred or that you’re no longer hurt. That’s because while you’re experiencing pain and disappointment over this act, the person you’re with at the moment is not, and neither is their new partner.

If this has been your first experience with cheating, it may take time to really work through your feelings and emotions. Don’t think that because you don’t feel that betrayed at the moment that you can simply brush off the past and move on. At first, the betrayal can affect you in many ways, including making you feel angry or ashamed. If you want to move on from this relationship, you must first accept the fact that you’ve been cheated on. You’ll be able to do this by asking yourself whether you’re willing to give your former boyfriend a second chance.

You’ll also be able to move on when you realize that you can’t control your ex’s decision to cheat on you and it would be unfair for you to hold them to something that they can’t control. When you believe that it’s okay for you to let go of your ex, you’ll find that it will feel easier to detach yourself from him. For instance, if you haven’t moved on emotionally from the relationship, it’s going to be difficult to find a new boyfriend or girlfriend when you do.

Don’t use the cheater as a way to make yourself feel better

It’s natural to want to take some kind of revenge after you discover that your ex has cheated on you. However, this revenge isn’t something that is healthy for you to take. If you want to move on, you’ll need to find ways to help you feel better without focusing on making your ex pay for what he’s done. It’s very common for people to use their cheating exes as a way to make themselves feel better. While you might find yourself wanting to take revenge on your ex for what he did to you, you should instead turn that anger into a feeling of acceptance. Instead of looking at the cheater as the bad guy, look at him as someone who made a mistake. Your goal is to find a way to forgive your ex so that you can move forward.

They can make you feel insecure

A lot of people think you’re in a safe place when you’re dating your current boyfriend or girlfriend. The truth is that even though you’re with your current partner, it doesn’t mean that they will always be in your life. Your ex is in a much better position than you because they know them better. Therefore, they will be able to talk about your ex more than you can. They will use your past together against you and make you feel like you’re in a relationship with a monster.

It is disrespectful to the new relationship

You have something new in your life. You are not looking for someone to replace anyone else. You are hoping to find a relationship that you’ve never had. If someone were to tell you that they’re friends with an ex, your brain will instantly start thinking that this person is only looking for a way to hurt you. If you’re the type of person who cares about others’ feelings, it would be unfair to the people in your life that are actually there for you. If you want to maintain a good friendship with someone, leave them out of your life, for the moment. Your new relationship deserves to be in your life.


There are many times when an ex-boyfriend will ask you if he can get closer to you. Even if you are fine with the idea of getting closer to him, you should not agree to this at first. However, if you really want to get closer to him, try to find a way to do so that will not make you appear like a wimp or easy. For example, you can meet up with him at a friend’s house and invite him to a party at your house. The fact is that you should really not allow him to get any closer to you because you still consider him your ex-boyfriend. This means that you should not even let him into your house if you invite him to come over. When you invite your ex-boyfriend over, you should be clear that you are not going to sleep with him.

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