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Does He Care About Me If He Remembers Little Details?

7 Great Ways to Ascertain His Feelings for You

Men often complain about why women worry too much about commitments and feelings.

Sometimes females want to let men go through a series of tests just to prove their love is real.

One of the most common tests is if the man can remember small details about the woman. If he does, it’s often believed that he really cares – or does he?

When I see a boy and a girl talking, I always notice how the girl talks about things she doesn’t care about and how the boy remembers details, like her dress, her eyes, the position of her hands, his feelings and so on. Those are details that make the girl more special to him.

So, if you are one of the girls who constantly think “does he care about me” then this article will help you to figure out the same.

These are mundane details that other guys won’t even care to remember.

This guy surely cares for you because he exerted an effort to remember the things that other guys wouldn’t even care about. For instance, why would he remember your favourite colour if he doesn’t care for you at all?

He believes that these are important occasions to you.

If he was able to remember your niece’s birthday, it’s because he actually cares for you and for the little girl. For this guy, no occasion is uneventful because he believes that anything that’s important to you also should matter to him.

When a girl doesn’t like her favourite colour, and she doesn’t know why. He remembers and tells her that green is not the prettiest colour. She is surprised, but a few days later, she agrees, and then she likes that he told her that she is beautiful. Could you relate this?

girl in red dress and boy in white shirt
Does He Care About Me If He Remembers Little Details? 2

He’s good at remembering dates.

It’s often believed that men aren’t that good at remembering important dates. But this guy is an exception because he sees to it that he’s the first to greet you on your birthday, and he also won’t forget your anniversary because that date is etched in his memory.

He wants to wipe away that pout on your face.

This guy wants to see that you’re happy all the time, so he’ll make it a point to make you smile even when you’re having a very terrible day. He cares so much about you; that’s why he doesn’t want you to look or feel terrible.

He’s eyes will be on you.

Even if he’s extremely busy, this guy will never take you for granted. He will see that your needs are met even though he’s neck-deep in work.

He wouldn’t dare do what you hate.

Some men wouldn’t even care what you want. For instance, all he cares about is that he’s going to see the latest action flick; he wouldn’t even dare ask you whether you’re OK with such films. A guy who truly cares will show that your wants come first.

He’s the ultimate gentleman.

He absolutely cares if he goes out of his way to do things for you. No favour is too big for him because he wants to be able to provide what you need.


So does a boy remember some details when he has a girlfriend? Yes, of course, most likely he remembers more details than the girl of course. It’s true, even if she remembers almost nothing, she can’t be unaware of a boy he likes. At least he sees her, talks to her, gives her attention, and the boy probably likes her.

Girls, don’t think that boys forget what you do, that’s ridiculous, because girls are more important to boys, because they will be there for him until he dies, until he becomes an old man.

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