How to Be an Aggressive, Sexy and Wilder With Your Man


Being a little bit wild is a lot of fun and thrilling. And, of course, being an aggressive lover puts you more at risk of being pursued, making you an immediate target.

When it comes to males, we women tend to be too passionate in our adherence to our standards and other so-called “lists” of the perfect guy and the like. However, once you’ve been bitten by attraction, you’ll want to go to great measures to re-attract them completely. Thus, how can one become an aggressive lover?

Attractive couple sharing intimate moments in bedroom
Attractive young couple sharing intimate moments in the bedroom

Below are the five hot and sexy ways to be a little wilder and more fun with men!

How to Be an Aggressive, Sexy and Wilder With Your Man 1

Express yourself more.

It’s a better way for both of you to get to know each other better. And, of course, expressing yourself is the right way to know how to speak your mind and get yourself heard is something that’s definitely worth it. Knowing how to express yourself is actually pretty sexy.

Show your wilder side.

Aggressiveness is all about letting loose and showing how to be on the wild side every time in a while. It helps us to be human. So when you’re feeling all impulsive and on for a spur-of-the-moment moment, then give in to spontaneity and just wing it! Always be relaxed, cool and comfortable. Come on, girl, learn how to chill. It’s never wrong to just let your hair down and get in there and have fun. There’s no need to feel stressed about it. Heck, flirting is all about having a great time!

Initiate the first move.

Often women wait for men to take the initiative in relationships. Can women do so? Well, why not? Most girls are making the first move nowadays, and it sure does work well to their advantage, not to mention that it adds up to your sex appeal and confidence, making you an instant hot babe to the opposite sex.

Have fun flirting.

Flirting is practically good for you! Better believe it. It’s healthy. We all need to mingle with the opposite sex every once in a while. So go out there, get dates and have a hell of a time flirting! It’ll win you the guys and get you to have the hang of things in no time.

How to Be an Aggressive, Sexy and Wilder With Your Man 2

After all, being an aggressive lover is not all that terrible! It is the polar opposite. Men like aggressive females, and it won’t harm to sometimes let out the tiger inside you, dear lady. It’s always exciting to live on the edge and to try something new every now and again. It convinces your partner of how caring you are toward him.



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