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How to Get a Guy Interested After You Have Chased Him Too Much?

Sometimes we don’t know when to stop chasing in a relationship. If you have managed to chase a man till he has had enough, you have some serious damage control to do.

Chasing a guy too hard can make him lose interest. Here are some tips on how to get a guy’s attention without chasing him:

Make sure your interests line up with his

Guys like girls who are into the same things as them, so make sure you know something about what he likes and chat about it.

Desperation is not attractive.

The main reason why your man is not with you is that you chased him too much. This behaviour has made you look very desperate and needy, and no man finds these traits attractive. If you’re desperate for a guy to like you, it will only end in disaster. If a guy doesn’t like you back, it’ll only make him more likely not to want anything to do with you. So don’t be desperate.

Give him the cold shoulder

There must be some immediate action to counter the effects of your actions. You need to give your man the cold shoulder to make him want you. Look like you have a busy life and that you have no interest or time to chase him.

Get his curiosity rising.

You need to build on your man’s curiosity when you want to undo the damage you have done by chasing him too much. Make drastic changes to yourself so that he wakes up and notices. But if you make no big deal out of this change, your man will get curious and begin to take an interest in you.

Confuse your man

Be cordial and civil with your man. Act friendly but don’t make any romantic overtures. You should also confuse him with the way you are. Just as he feels that he has figured you out, you need to surprise him and change how you are. Show him how much you have in common. This will get his interest back in you as he will feel that he perhaps dismissed you too soon.

Get some emotional control

Your man perceives you as an emotional cripple. You need to change the way he thinks. At no point when you are with him or around him should you lose your emotional control and calm. Be sure of the way you feel but don’t reveal your real feelings to him at all. This will make him want to know what’s going on in your mind and build his interest in you.

Get gorgeous and attract attention

Give yourself the visual appeal to build on his interest in you. When you look good, you also attract a lot of attention from others. Enjoy this, and you will find your man gaining more interest in you.

Take things slow

This time around, don’t rush things. Let your man do the chasing, and your relationship will be back on track. Guys want girls who are comfortable in their own skin and aren’t afraid to be themselves around them. If he likes you, don’t try to force him into liking you. If he’s interested, he’ll show it eventually.

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