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How to get your ex-boyfriend back?

After a breakup it may seem like there is a never-ending list of advice from everyone saying how to get your ex back. You are constantly asked by friends and family members what they can do to fix the situation, especially if they are friends with the other person.

If you are a woman who had a relationship with a man you have been dating, you want to get him back. This article will focus on this topic with the help of a real-life situation.

Your ex-boyfriend has now fallen out of love with you. Getting him back may not be easy to find because it depends on the situation. The feeling is still there. You still love your ex-boyfriend and want him to get back.

You need to put some effort into doing the tricks. Do not just sit on the corner and wait until someone runs after your ex-boyfriend. Take action fast! You should be aware that you’re automatically dead in his heck heart once he falls in love again. Do you not want that thing to happen, right? Then, here are the strategies that you should consider.

Read and learn dirty little tricks to bring back a lover. Here they are.

Give what your ex wants

To begin, take a few moments to de-stress. Stop being such a baby. Your ex will run away from you if you don’t do this. What should you do if it’s time to call it quits? Would you want to fight and do the right thing to get him back? Yes, that’s a wrong answer to give.

Desperate and immature behaviour won’t help you win back your ex-boyfriend. You’ll look to be desperate for love, which isn’t a good thing. He will come to recognise that he made the correct decision by breaking up with you if that is the case. If he thinks you can’t go on without him, he’s not wrong.

If you want to have a better relationship with your ex-boyfriend, you need to learn about his expectations. Is he afraid that he will lose you again? Is he shy? Do you know what his expectations are for your relationship? You need to know what your ex-boyfriend wants, and he might not even know what he wants himself. To be clear, you can help him to figure out what he wants by showing him you care.

Giving Your Sincere Apology

After a few weeks, you can call him up and make an apology just in case you made a mistake for him. But make sure you are sincere. If it accepts your apology, you should be glad because your chance of getting him back is higher.

Befriending Your Ex

But do not worry if he did not accept it because you still have a plan B. That is to become his friend. I know you’ve heard this many times, but that’s true. But make sure he will not just stick to your friendship. Take care of your appearance and attract him when possible.

What if your ex is back? What now? Would you instead celebrate for good? Well, the best thing to do is to train him to treat you like a queen. In other words, let his love rise for the second time around. You can use your history for him to reminisce about your sweetest moments together.

That’s all I can help with. But do not underestimate these get-back-a-lover tricks, as these will give you an almost unfair advantage. I wish you the best of luck, and I hope to see you on some websites sharing your own success story.


Communication is key to keeping a relationship together and if you have been with your ex-boyfriend for a long time and he does not seem to talk to you as he used to, it might be time to rethink your choice and get your ex-boyfriend back. Communication is not only about talking and listening to each other, it is also about sending signs to your ex-boyfriend. For example, you can text or call him to tell him you care. You can try to bring up the subject of conversation differently. For example, you can think of something positive that can happen between you and your ex-boyfriend, or even better; you can give him a gift. Of course, your ex-boyfriend will be happy if he receives a gift, but at the same time, he will like to know that you care. The way you approach the subject will depend on what you want to get out of the conversation.


Getting your ex-boyfriend back means that you have to win over your ex-boyfriend. That is it! It does not mean to woo him/her and that you will win over them and that your ex-boyfriend will change. It is better to understand the reason for breaking up. Then only you will realize what are you doing wrong and why you are still single.

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