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How to impress a Punjabi girl? – 7 Easy and Effective Tips

Punjabi girls are known for their beauty, brains, and boldness. Remember Geet from ‘Jab We Met‘ movie? Yes, Punjab girls are exactly like her. They are also known for their traditional values and strong family ties.

Do you know what makes you look cool in a Punjabi girl’s eyes? Do you know how to impress a Punjabi girl and get her interested in you?

Well, in this article, you will get to know exactly what makes you look cool in a Punjabi girl’s eyes, how to impress a Punjabi girl, and what she expects from you.

What do Punjabi Girls Want?

Punjabi girls are raised with strong values, and respect for elders is very important. To impress a Punjabi girl, you must respect her elders and culture. Also, I’m not here to get into any kind of debate or discussion on Punjabi culture. We’ll just be talking about the kind of things we like to do, the stuff we like, etc. And if you have any suggestions on how to do better or what to avoid, do let me know in the comments.

Do you know that when a Punjabi woman falls in love with a man, she expects him to behave respectably? The woman of the household must be respected and treated like the king. If you’re in this position, you have already won a major point in the love game.

But for now, let’s jump into the article! What makes you look cool to a Punjabi girl? This question may seem weird to you, but this is important to know.

You are absolutely wrong if you think it’s about the clothes you wear or the car you drive. It’s way, way deeper than that. So if you want to know what impresses a Punjabi girl, look no further.

1. Being a nerd

In a Punjabi girl’s eyes, a nerd is someone who has lots of knowledge. You can be the coolest nerd around, but if you aren’t a nerd, she will be bored to death with you. In a way, you have to be the most awkward nerd out there and know everything there is to know.

So how do you become a nerd?

Here are some things to do:

  • Learn about technology
  • Read books on different subjects. Learn about different languages
  • Learn about history
  • Learn about all the major religions and their practices

2. Being an extrovert

A lot of people might think that being an extrovert is cool. You may even think that you are an extrovert, but if you are not, you’ll look like a weirdo in her eyes. And even if you are, she would look better with you than you would without her. Extroverts are the lifeblood of the group, and they are the ones who can be very good to a person. So, in short, you have to be an extrovert to impress a Punjabi girl.

Punjabi girl with a boy

So how to become an extrovert?

  • Be a part of the group
  • Be comfortable around people
  • Try to get to know the group’s members

3. Being a good listener

To be a good listener means to be patient enough to listen to someone even if you are bored to death because you’re interested in the person. I know this may sound too simple, but it really isn’t. In a way, you can become a very good listener if you have a good ear. But it is also important not to be bored with your conversation with her. She will be very irritated if she isn’t able to be a part of the conversation. So make sure you’re not only interested in what she has to say, but also that she is too. Read more on the topic of how to be a good listener.

4. Being humble

This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s not. So a lot of people think they’re so cool, and they’re really not. The main reason is that they are trying to show how they’re better than the rest when it’s the opposite.

And when they do this, they appear arrogant, pretentious and conceited. But when you’re humble, shell sees you as a good person. She’ll be interested in your opinion and respect you because you’re not trying to be better than the rest. In short, being humble is the most critical thing to know about how to impress a Punjabi girl.

Punjabi girl

5. Learn how to dance to impress a Punjabi girl

Punjabi girls are passionate about dancing and you must have seen the same from various TV shows and movies as well. So, knowing great dance moves boost your chances to impress the Punjabi girl you like to date. Dancing is a great skill to have if you want to attract any woman. Dancing shows that you are confident and comfortable around them. If you can’t dance, then learn; it’s not hard. Go out and find music that makes you feel good (or at least fun), and practice dancing. You’ll be surprised at how much you get out of it. Once you’ve got the basics down, try to meet a Punjabi girl and impress her.

6. Be Decent

Punjabi girls do not like show-off kind of guys despite being around Punjabi guys who are too noisy. Often they like non-drinker, non-smoker guys. So, make sure you are not into such bad habits of drinking, smoking and other ill-habits.

7. Have good conversations

Punjabi girls love it when their male friends can creatively express themselves. They love hearing about their families, job, and the latest sports news. They would love to hear about their male friends, what they do and what they enjoy. Punjabi girls are known for their sharp wit and intelligence, so you’ll need to be able to keep up with them intellectually. Have interesting topics of conversation ready, and be sure to listen as well as talk.

The biggest mistake of a man when he makes his first contact with a Punjabi girl does not know what to say. Punjabi girl’s conversation etiquette can’t be changed, it is her culture and tradition. But if you don’t speak her language fluently, you should think about what you should say and how to say it when you are in such a situation.


If you follow all the tips mentioned above, your chances of dating a Punjabi girl will boost significantly. Make sure to woo her with decency and with genuine intentions.

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