How to Keep a Guy Interested After You Slept With Him?

7 Things You Must Do As Fast As Possible


Keep a Guy Interested

Some women make the mistake of sleeping with their man after only a few dates, some even as early as the first date.

When this occurs, a man has a propensity, once he has actually slept with a lady, to lose interest in her as a potential romantic partner. Having sexual contact with a man on the very first date does not always imply that the two of you will never be able to progress further in your relationship.

Here are some suggestions that will help you retain his interest:

sleeping with him

Make it impossible for him not to notice you

Even if you slept with him, this does not imply that he will no longer be drawn to you, especially if you make an attempt to appear attractive. In fact, this means that he will no longer be attracted to you. Because you are constantly looking your most beautiful, it will be difficult for him to forget you so quickly while you are like that.

Let him know that you are interested in him.

You have no choice but to let this man know that you are interested in more than just a one-night encounter with him and that you like him. Tell him that you find him interesting and that you would want to maybe spend some time getting to know him more by going out with him.

Have your own life

When a guy sees that you have your own life and interests outside of him, it might keep him interested in you. Women who are self-sufficient and do not require the companionship of a man are attractive to men.

Well, one thing to remember is that guys are just as attracted to confidence as women are. So if you can exude self-assuredness and continue to be yourself, he’ll be drawn to you even more.


Act like sleeping with him was not a big deal.

This would undoubtedly drive him completely insane! Even if the fact that you slept with him was a major issue for you, you should not give the impression that it was. Maintain an air of indifference around him, as if nothing significant has taken place between the two of you. Keep an open mind and consider asking him out on another date or inviting him to spend out with you.

Stop being clingy

After having sexual relations with a man, certain women might become quite possessive of him. They believe that the relationship has progressed to an entirely new level and that they now have the right to command every single one of a man’s behaviours. Do not act as though you now own this man or control him in any way. Being too possessive and needy will most certainly push him further away than ever before.


Connect with him in other aspects

You do not have to shut the door on the possibility that the two of you can still connect on other topics in addition to the sexual component of your relationship. Asking these individuals questions about themselves will help you get to know them better. It’s possible that you and this guy share more things in common than you do with the other males you’ve dated in the past, but you can’t be sure.

Prove to him that you are not that kind of a woman

Some guys may lose interest because they do not consider a woman who offers herself too easily as someone who is worth respecting. Let him know that you are not like any of these women. Prove that you are also someone to be respected and that you also appreciate yourself.


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