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How to Know Whether He Is Serious About You?

Knowing whether he is serious about you is a tricky challenge. When we think of love and commitment, we immediately think of someone who is loving, caring, and affectionate. However, if you are just looking at this man’s behaviour, he may be acting differently around you because he does not want to be responsible for you if you do not like him back, or if you say no.

As most people know, the biggest problem with these kinds of relationships is that, by default, the man is always responsible for the woman and vice versa. This is a serious roadblock, and it affects the quality of the relationship. In fact, this man may not be the right person for you at all. He may have just been using you because he wanted someone to look after him. That is what being a good man is all about.

If a man is consistently showing signs that he cares about you, then it’s likely that he’s really interested in you. Check out more hints to find out if he is serious about you:

Watch his eye contact with you

The amount of eye contact a man will have when he is talking to you is one of the first indicators of his interest in you. Although men tend to look at many other things when they talk to women, women tend to make eye contact with a man when they are interested in him. When he is having a conversation with you, you should also look at him frequently and make eye contact.

It is important to note that you should not overdo eye contact because it can become creepy when you are used to it. If you find that you are having too much eye contact with him, then you should break the eye contact after a few moments. The man should be able to notice that he is not interested in you when you stop looking at him.

You can easily tell if he is interested in you or not by watching his eye contact.

He will let his feelings be known

If he is serious about you, he will naturally let his feelings be known to you. He will not be able to hide them any longer and knows that the quicker he tells you of his feelings, the faster the relationship can develop between you if you feel the same way. This is why you should look for signs that tell you he cares.

He might start talking about the future

Only if he is serious about you, will he start talking about the future with you. A guy just playing the fool or using you will skirt around the subject of commitment. He will avoid the topic of marriage like the plague and will hate to encourage any talk of the future.

He will get more responsible

In an attempt to impress you and make you love him more he will try to show you that he is a good catch! To do this, he will become more serious and responsible. He will prove that he is a man of his word and able to care for you. He will do his best not to let you down.

He will start to become more possessive

If he is serious about you, he is automatically seeing you as “His woman” in his mind. This will make him behave in a possessive manner. He will start to resent other guys in your life and will try to get you to himself. Watch for gestures and actions that prove that he wants you for his own.

A lot of men will feel the need to make you feel special. Make sure he is genuinely interested in you and not only wants to be a shoulder to cry on. You can show your appreciation by taking him out to a nice meal, showing off your new purchase or going for a new pair of shoes or even a new hairstyle. Don’t overdo it, of course, but being treated well will show your man that he’s really the one. You could tell that he is really interested in you if he’s the first person you call when you have a problem, whether it’s work-related or personal. He also needs to express his feelings for you to know he is really serious about you.

He will steer the conversation around commitment

There is no doubt that sooner or later he will steer the conversation and talk about marriage and commitment. Unlike other men who avoid this topic, a man who is serious about his woman will not be able to wait to discuss the future with the woman he loves.

He will want to know what you think of marriage

Not only will he want to discuss the future with you if he is serious about you, but he will also want to know what you think of marriage. Don’t be surprised to be questioned by him about the type of wedding you would like, the type of engagement ring you would adore etc.

He will stop ogling other women

A sure way to know whether a man is serious about you is to watch him covertly when he does not know you are watching. Do you find him concentrated on you and you alone? Does he ogle other women? Does he flirt? If he gives you his wholehearted attention and love and does not bother about the other women no matter how gorgeous they are – he loves you and is serious about you!

He will talk about you a lot

When a man is interested in you, he will not only look at you but also talk about you. He will talk to you a lot. When a man is interested in you, he will talk about you more often than in any other conversation. He might not talk a lot about other topics, but he will talk to you more than anyone else. It is very obvious when a man is interested in you because he will talk to you a lot.

He will laugh or smile a lot at your jokes

When a man is interested in you, he will not only look at you a lot, but he will also laugh or smile a lot. He will laugh or smile a lot at your jokes. This should be one of the first signs that he is interested in you.

Although it is normal to have jokes when you are talking to a man, you should note that his response should not be just a “ha-ha” smile or laughter. He should laugh or smile with a little more enthusiasm than that. You should also note that a man who is interested in you will not be joking with you. He will not make funny or stupid jokes with you.


In conclusion,if you are wondering whether the man you are dating is serious about you, pay attention to how he introduces you to his friends and family. If he regularly includes you in his plans and talks about your future together, it is likely that he is serious about you. Also, listen to what he says and how he treats you. If he frequently pays compliments and makes an effort to make you happy, it is a good sign that he is serious about you.

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