Love Quotes

How to Light a Spark With Love

Let’s face it; there are many times in our lives when the stresses around us begin to drain the passion of our relationship.

We don’t mean to let our fire dwindle, but it happens. It is so important to find little ways to keep the flame burning strong. In the following few paragraphs, we will explore just how to keep the flame alive and keep it burning strong. Follow along, and let’s get started.

The first thing we must do is find a selection of love quotes that will be appropriate to his tastes. Think of these love quotes as an arsenal to choose from for different occasions. That way, you can pull one out that works well in the situation. But before we start choosing, we should look at a couple of guidelines. The first of which is learning the voice of your lover.

Does your lover have a voice?

Take some time to observe your, man. Is he a person who enjoys the opera or the monster truck rally? If he is a person that enjoys the opera, then he will probably not like a quote from a blue-collar comedian. Pinning down his likes does not mean that you are judging him. You are just getting to know him better. And the better you know him, the easier your job will be.

Finding inspiration in love quotes

Once you have got an idea of your man’s likes, it is time to start looking at different love quotes for him. Look for quotes that talk in his tone and his style. It is okay to be careful to be choosy at this stage. Go through at least fifty different quotes to find five or so that you want to have around. Be creative and let one quote lead you to the next. This way, you will have a wide assortment of love quotes for him.

Delivering the package

Once you have five or so quotes, it is time to look for creative ways to give them to him. Sure, you could just tell him about them, but that doesn’t help give the full impact. So let’s be creative in how we deliver them. Look for a way to surprise him throughout his day so that he will be ready to reciprocate when he comes home.

This way, he knows that you are thinking of him even while you two are apart. And with you two both thinking of each other, sparks are bound to fly.

So with these steps in hand, you should be able to let him know you care and that you are actively still inviting him to your side. You will want to entice him with the words you choose. Be careful to go at his speed with the quotes you choose and how you deliver them.

Please do not do anything to make him feel uncomfortable. If you do things just at the edge of his comfort zone, you will entice him to be bold with his love.

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