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How to Make a Hot Girl Like You Instantly

Here Are the Key Tricks to Make Her Desperate For You!

Do you have a crush on a hot girl? Do you want a hot girlfriend? Do you want hot girls to like you instantly? No matter how ugly you are, you can still get any girl you want.

A hot girl is usually popular and enjoys shutting down guys. And she believes that everything will go the way she wants it for her.

Here are a few keys tricks to make a hot girl desperate for you…

Delusional Sense of Coolness

Everything is an illusion therefore let your beliefs be a delusion. Talk to yourself in a pimpish way. Tell yourself that you are the coolest guy on the planet.


Keep repeating that to yourself every single day. This is extremely powerful and very important if you want to land hot girls and gain instant respect from guys.

Social Proof

Do you know almost everyone in your social circle? Everyone in the bar/nightclub must know you well. Have you seen that most of the hot girls surround the DJ? Do you know why?

It’s because he’s popular and he’s the party. All the guys know him and all the girls know him.

Social proof makes a woman become desperate for you. You will begin to gain social proof naturally if you have a delusional sense of coolness.

Playfully Tease Her

Don’t give her a compliment. A hot girl can’t be given a compliment right away. This is what almost every guy does. You have to be different if you want to land the hot one easily.

When she’s near you, take a look at her and tell her that she’s got something disgusting coming out of her nose.

Or you can tell her that there’s some food stuck on her face or there’s something stuck in her teeth.

This will instantly get drop her off guard and make her self-conscious.

Be Your Best Self

You’ve got to be your best self every minute. Putting your best self forward isn’t just about putting on the best suit.

It’s about being your best self every single minute of the day. You have to be the best if you want the best.

Even if you’re looking for a girlfriend, it doesn’t matter. I’m sure you’re looking for the best girlfriend on the planet for you.

Every single minute, be your best self. Look your best, do your best and trust yourself in your ability to be the best. Never ever be self-conscious about what other people might think of you.


This is very powerful and requires a delusional sense of belief and faith that only a few men naturally possess.

And those who possess this don’t get laid that easily. But they do have the power to get any chick they want.

Disregard everything that is external. If a guy comes up to you and says, ” I’m better than you at this!”

Tell him, “Balls to you! What the xxxx do you know? I can do it better than you”.

This is the attitude you must have all the time. This will naturally help you develop social proof and get the hot girl attracted to you instantly.

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