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How to Romance a Woman: Top 10 Tips for a Great Sex

It is not a new concept that romance serves as a gateway to satisfying sex. Nonetheless, many guys do not know how to engage their female partners in sexual activity properly.

A woman’s heart is often harder to win than a man’s. Though, once you put in the effort to romance her, she will be more than satisfied. So knowing how to woo a woman becomes imperative in this situation.

Women, above all else, like being tenderly caressed by others. Women are highly emotional animals who feed on their emotions. If you want your partner to enjoy sex with you, you must know how to provide excellent care for her. Before her body cannot respond appropriately to sexual stimuli, she must be in the right mood.

romance and sex

If you are the kind of man who knows how to romance a woman, you are well on the way to making your woman become a sexually greedy person who will love to be with you more often than you expect.

Her sexual appetite will double up quickly. Good romance is memorable to most women. You must understand the act.

Now, here are simple tips on how to romance a woman.
1. Whether it’s the feel of her skin on your skin, her smell, or simply a few lingering kisses, physical contact is always going to attract a woman. When it comes to physical contact with a girl, whether it’s a touch on the shoulder, a slight head tilt, or a kiss, it’s all about showing her that you appreciate her and are paying attention to her.

2. Massage her back from the shoulders down to the buttocks. Then, while lying on her back, massage her thighs with gentle strokes. You may add some oil or jelly to your palms.

3. Give her a gentle fondling of her breasts. Gently rub the nipples with your fingers until they become hard, showing that she is sexually excited.


4. Then, with the tip of your tongue, stroke the nipples. If you have some peppermint at home, take it. It will make your mouth excellent for sucking breasts. Do that for a while.

5. While fondling her breasts, kiss her affectionately too. It must be a deep kiss. Sometimes, stick out your tongue to touch hers.

6. Caress other sensitive parts of her body, which you should have known before the romance. For instance, some women respond to touch on their thighs, lobes of the ears, the soles of the feet, and so on. Ask her. You could also stimulate her in those areas with the tip of the tongue.

7. Do not keep dumb! Talk to her about your feelings. Say sex-saturated words to strengthen her mood for sex. Generally, women are moved by what they hear. Say words like:

  • Having sex with you gives me joy.
  • Sweetheart, I feel great when I’m inside you.
  • Oh, how your body is full of pleasure!
  • Your boobs are sweet!
  • No other woman can ever do it as you do!

8. To enable her to have a great orgasm, rub her clitoral area slightly. Meanwhile, go on with kissing. Stroke the clitoris. When you see a sign that she is getting near orgasm, could you stop it?

9. After a few minutes, resume the clitoral stimulation. Repeat such a process three to five times. By so doing, she will have become highly stimulated.

10. At this point, she is fully ready for a pleasurable sex episode. Quickly take her on top. Depending on her taste, that’s probably the best position now. She is likely going to scream in ecstasy.

To Sum Up

That’s how to romance a woman and get her asking for more. It may take time. Every great sex episode usually takes time. So, patience is required if you want to please your woman.

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