How to Subtly Tease a Guy?

7 Fabulous Tips That Will Get Your Message Across Really Quickly


Teasing men comes naturally to women and the fact that men get easily turned on also helps their case. As is well-known men are easily stimulated and it does not take a woman ages to give him a hard-on.

Here are some ways of teasing him subtly so that he makes a move on you.

Get on first-name basis

To make him comfortable, give up being formal with him. Instead, get on a first-name basis and act as if you have known him for donkey’s years. This informal atmosphere will lighten up the mood and he will be receptive to your advances.

Make him aware of your intentions

Give him a look that tells him that you want him in bed. This horny and hungry look will be easily noticed by him and his eyes will begin to follow you around the room. Once men know that they stand a chance with a woman they rarely let go of the opportunity.

Joke and have fun

Start joking with him and have a good time. Make sure you crack him up with your comments and observations. You can make fun of others in the room or pass a funny comment. However, this should be for his ears only. You want him to be on the same wavelength as you so that you can further your agenda.

Compliment him on his looks

Compliment him in such a way that conveys your desire. Tell him he looks like a stud or something that will have the same effect. His chest should swell and his posture should improve when he hears your compliment.

Get a little physical

Now it is time you broke the physical barrier. Get close to him and let your leg or thigh brush against his. If you can accidentally brush your derriere against his crotch then it will have a magical effect on him.


Don’t hide your desire

Needless to say that your hunger and your desire should be apparent when you are talking to him. This will give him a signal that you are there for the taking if he makes a move on you.

Tell him a naughty joke/anecdote

If you notice that he is hesitating due to the presence of others in the room or due to the fact that he is too much of a gentleman then pull him to a secluded spot and tell him a naughty joke or an anecdote that has a sexual undertone. This will be the final act and after that, he will take control of the situation.



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