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How to Use Facebook to Attract Girls

Most guys think that Facebook is only good for staying in touch with old friends and sharing pictures. However, Facebook can also be a great tool for attracting girls.

You have to take your time to think about how you use Facebook. You can easily lose your potential girl if you don’t know the right way to use it. If you want to use Facebook for dating, you have to be very careful.

Let’s start from the basics, I hope you already know how to use Facebook and your login details. Let me give you a very easy trick for using Facebook. You should have your own Facebook profile with a very good look. If you want to find a girl on Facebook, you have to be attractive.

Facebook Dating

Specifically, with the rise of social media websites such as Facebook, almost every woman has created an online account on at least one of these websites. These girls need to communicate with their classmates, coworkers, and family members, so Facebook is a convenient solution for them.

This is fantastic news if you want to make new connections with gorgeous, high-status girls. The most appealing element of internet dating is that it provides you with several possibilities. There is no way to overcome anxiety or fear of speaking poorly and making a fool of oneself while wooing ladies online. It is, in reality, incredibly simple to attract ladies online.

The internet attraction is simple, but it does take a specific set of talents to be discovered. You are not having luck with girls on Facebook or any other network because you are unaware of the abilities of online attractiveness.

To begin, you should understand that the ladies you are attempting to attract online have no idea who you are, and whatever image they have of you will likely be COMPLETELY dependent on your PROFILE! Your Account will be the ONLY way to link your personality, accomplishments, interests, characteristics, and values.

Instead of repelling these females, your profile should successfully explain everything that interests them. As previously said, your profile should highlight all of the good parts of your life. It might be your appearance, job, social standing, fortune, or anything else.

Ladies want to be with successful guys, and if your profile signals that you’re a winner, women will swarm your inbox with messages! However, looking over some of the profiles on Facebook, it appears that some males have no idea how to create a winning profile. So here are some pointers on how to improve your Facebook page!

1. Facebook Profile Picture

If you want to use Facebook to attract girls, you cannot use a regular office look. The profile picture is the most important aspect of your profile. You absolutely need to get this right. We’ve all heard that first impressions really matter. And yes, a girl’s first impression of you will depend entirely on your profile picture. If your profile picture interests her and seems appealing, she will visit your profile to know more about you.

Use attractive pictures as your profile pictures. Girls are attracted to guys who look good in their pictures. So, if you want to attract girls on Facebook, make sure that your profile pictures are attractive.

Here’s how

Your profile picture should convey one or more of the following traits: Fun, Adventurous, Strong, Rich, Intelligent and Socially confident. The more traits your profile pic portrays, the better. Try to hit on as many as you can with your profile pic. Let’s say your profile pic is of you with your friends at a party; this conveys you’re fun, socially confident and maybe even rich.

Suppose your pic is of you rock climbing; this conveys you’re adventurous, fun and robust. But of course, these are just ideas, and you should be smart enough to take pics in a way that conveys these traits. But I hope you get the idea. Try to hit on as many positive qualities with your profile pic. Be inventive while remaining sensible. Don’t forget to check your profile picture’s brightness, contrast, and clarity. Some photos are so gloomy that you can’t tell who’s in them.

Don’t make that error. A ‘cover photo’ is a new feature on the new Facebook profile. Treat this in the same way as you would the profile picture.

2. ‘About Me’ section

If you’re looking to attract girls on Facebook, one of the most important things you can do is fill out your “About Me” section. This is where you have the chance to really sell yourself and make a good impression.

Here are some tips for making your “About Me” section irresistible to women:

  1. Be confident: Women are attracted to confident men. So, don’t be afraid to show off your best qualities and accomplishments.
  2. Be funny: A sense of humor is always a major plus. Make her laugh and she’ll be yours.
  3. Be interesting: Women like men who are interesting and have hobbies and passions outside of just trying to pick them up. Show her that you’re more than just a one-dimensional guy and she’ll be interested.

3. Favourite Quotations

This will show your beliefs and the people who truly inspire you. Fill this section up with motivational quotes and with quotes from great personalities related to your career. Even funny quotes would be OK. Just keep it interesting. ‘If you’re going through hell, then just keep going!’, or ‘ If I hadn’t seen Disney world in my mind, the rest of the world would’ve never seen it for real’-Walt Disney, are examples of good quotations.

4. Pay Attention to What You Share

With the new Newsfeed feature, as soon as you ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on a link or a post, many people will know about it immediately. So be careful of what posts and photos you ‘like’. Don’t get involved in hate campaigns, racially oriented posts or even sexist stuff. This lowers your image, and if you want to attract girls, you want to maintain a high status.

As men, we are expected to be in control of our emotions. So show her that you are a strong man who is in control of yourself. Remember never to ‘like’ or ‘comment’ positively on photos depicting half-naked women or explicit material. Always remember that you have to maintain the status of a nobleman. This will make girls feel safer approaching you and talking to you online.

5. Bridge the gap between your ‘Online self’ and your Real self

The main point of enticing ladies online is establishing a long-term relationship with them in person. The internet platform makes it easy to approach them and pique their interest. But remember that online attraction is only the first step in meeting these females in person.

So, you must BE the person you portray online in real life. You shouldn’t pretend to be a successful businessman who travels the world if you’re penniless.

Always be honest about what you say online. The online game is built on trust. Work on yourself to be the person you want to be. Go work out, educate yourself and work on building a career for yourself. This way, the girls you attract online will stay with you in real life!


In conclusion,if you want to attract girls using Facebook, make sure your profile is set to public, post interesting content, and be active in groups that girls are interested in. Don’t be shy about sending friend requests, but don’t come on too strong. A little bit of mystery can go a long way.

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