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Identifying the Signs of an Ill-Fated Relationship

If you’re in a relationship that’s not going well, it’s important to be able to identify the signs so you can decide whether to stay or go.

Many people are so afraid of being left alone that they don’t want to admit that they are in a bad relationship doomed from the start. They strive to make it work and take on an optimistic outlook, but things still seem to spiral downward. Here are some signs that your relationship may be ill-fated:

How to Decide if Everything is Not Fine in Your Relationship

The best policy is to examine the relationship to see if there are any toxic elements present; here are some clues:

  • Verbal degradation; your partner puts you down, especially in front of others
  • Empty claims of love; your partner claims to love you but doesn’t back it up with actions.
  • Controlling and dominating actions; making irrational demands, “showing up” at places you are to “checkup” on you or reading your mail.
  • Attempts to make you vulnerable; your partner tries to make you dependent on them.
  • Requesting lifestyle changes about yourself, you have changed those things to please them.

Obnoxious people who are only out for their ends make you feel sick to be around them. So why would anyone wind up in a relationship with them? If these types of people make you think ar emotionally and physically damaged, why would anyone want to be with them?

Forbidding relationships have a particular cycle. An explosive event first follows the honeymoon period, and then that is followed up by a reconciliation – at which point the cycle repeats itself.

When you first meet someone who becomes your partner, things are rosy and sweet: the honeymoon stage. It all seems fabulous until you get sucked in further that you realize that the relationship is not so sweet. At that point, it becomes difficult to get out.

Why do People Carry on Bad Relationships

The single most reason for this is that many people in bad relationships grew up under similar circumstances in unhealthy homes. Because of that, these people copy the habits of their childhood years while not realizing they’re doing it, so they may not understand the options of a better way. Others believe that happiness is something that is bounded to escape them. Still, others find that a companion, any companion, is better than none.

However, the first task in getting out and staying clear of deplorable relationships is realising that you have options. You can make your life better. People who remain in these ill-reputed relationships often have low self-esteem or struggle with depression.

Once you understand that you have liberties, the next move is to begin standing up for yourself. In most ill-fated relationships, the obnoxious partner has forced upon you the notion that it is all your fault. Once you accept this, it could be challenging to walk away from the relationship or set new parameters for healing. For many, working with therapy groups can help these individuals and often get rid of and redefine these types of unpleasant relationships.

It is good to know that for some people, it is possible to break the cycle of bad relations. Some of these people manage to create new and more stable bonds with other partners. However, others can repair their relationship and remain in it.

Can Bad Relationships be Changed into Good One?

In reality, it is possible to salvage many relationships. All it takes is creating a little space. In other situations, it takes a measure of counselling. However, if both partners contribute to the effort, it is practical that a renewed bond can develop healthily.

You first need to determine whether you are willing to walk away if the relationship does not improve. If you are not willing to do this, you’ll never be able to recover and heal whatever divides you.

Once you have freed yourself from the habit that is the central part of an ill-fated relationship, you can start to apply yourself to what you need from the connection. Never nag your partner. Instead, say, “I need your support,” “I need your truthful opinion,” or “I need your love.”

If you can’t get what you need, your partner should realize that you’re ready to walk.


A bad relationship is a one-way street that creates all adverse conditions. On the other hand, a healthy relationship is a two-way street. Everyone has the power to change that, but you must make it a personal issue and take that power into your own hands.

A healthy relationship is a two-way street. In a toxic relationship, the road is only going one way. You have the power to change that, but you must take control into your own hands.

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