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How to Know If a Guy Is Trying to Make You Jealous?

Catch Him in the Middle of His Trick

When it comes to the games people play, few are as frustrating as when someone tries to make you jealous. If you’re wondering how to know if a guy is trying to make you jealous, there are a few telltale signs. First, he may start talking about other women he’s interested in, or he may try to make you think he’s interested in someone else. He may also start paying more attention to other women in your presence.

He will all of a sudden appear to be very busy

Don’t get alarmed if, out of the blue he suddenly seems too busy, perhaps even to take your calls. His sulking is just a signal from him to you that he needs you to shower him with more attention, and he wants you to get this point without saying it directly.

Other women become more worthy of praise for him

Just know for sure if your man all of a sudden starts praising and complimenting other women and more importantly when you are around that he is trying to make you jealous and also wants to see your reactions.

Your friend suddenly starts getting more attention than you

It is almost certain that he is trying to get you to feel jealous if he is paying more attention to your friend than to you. By doing this he is most likely trying to instil a sense of insecurity in you in order to get more attention from you.

He will revel in and boast of the attention he is getting from other girls

Any self-respecting woman cannot tolerate other women getting remotely interested in their man. If at all he starts bragging about the kind of attention he is getting from other women, take it that he is only trying to get you jealous. Actually he is just hinting that he wants more attention from you.

Time that you spent together will drop down a few notches

If you find that the amount of time you used to spend together is not the same as before and that he is making some excuse or the other to avoid you, then it is plain simple that he is trying to get you jealous. He is only trying to find out how much his absence is pinching you and wants you to miss him.

He will get more appreciative of other women’s sense of humor

This happens to be one of their favourite tricks to make their women feel jealous. If you find him laughing away to glory at some other woman’s joke that is not even remotely funny to you, just know that it is only one of his attempts to make to feel jealous.

He “at the last minute” finds a reason to cancel a plan

You have made some plans together and unexpectedly he cancels it at the very last moment and is also unable to give a sound reason for him doing so, don’t press the panic button. He is just trying to put you through some agony trying to make you think what exactly he is up to

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