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How to Tell If a Man Sees You As His Future?

7 Ways to Tell If He Eventually Wants to Commit

Too many times women get fooled by their men who dump them for someone else. No woman likes to be in this position.

If you need to know if the guy you are presently in love with really loves you and sees you as his future, then look for the following signs which will tell you the truth!

He will always ask for your opinion

Does he ignore you and refuse to ask for your views? Is he considerate and always concerned about you? These things will let you know if he truly cares for you or not. A man who is serious about you and sees you as his future companion will always be mindful of you and your opinions.

He will be protective and caring

One of the best signs that he is serious about you is to check and see if he is protective and caring towards you. He will do his best to see that you are not put out in any way. He will want to show the world that you belong to him and he will be courteous, chivalrous and caring to you in public and in private.

He will mention the future

No man who is averse to commitment and marriage will want to talk about the future. You could watch him closely to check his reaction whenever the subject comes up. If he sees you as his future, he will not hesitate to talk about commitment, an engagement or even the wedding ceremony!

He will take the trouble to prove himself

One thing a man who is serious about a woman knows, and that is – he should prove to be the best guy in the whole world for her. If your guy sees you as his future mate, he will try to show you how compatible he is, how responsible he is and mostly how much he loves you.

He will make sure his family meets you

Men who try to hide their girlfriends from their family are not really serious about them. It is only when he is sure of wanting to settle down with a particular woman he takes her home to meet his folks. This is a sure sign that he wants to marry you.

He will prove that he is financially sound

If he is serious about settling down with you then he knows that he has to be able to look after you, take on all the responsibilities that come with marriage and prove that he is capable of being the spouse you want him to be! This will make him prove that he is financially capable and responsible.

He will start treating you like his spouse

Some men will want to show a woman that he sees her as his future mate by treating her as though she is already his spouse. If you find your guy taking on responsibilities where you are concerned, doing little things for you that a spouse would normally do and also being as protective towards you as a spouse would be, it shows that he views you as his mate.

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