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If He Gets Nervous Around Me: Does It Mean He Likes Me?


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be with a guy who really likes you? If you’re eyeing a man and you can’t quite place whether he’s feeling something for you, too, then it’s time to observe his moves. If he gets all anxious around you, does this mean that he’s already starting to like you?

Yes, you’re very presence makes him weak-kneed.

This guy definitely has a crush on you because he will turn beet red at a mere glance of you. If he’s the shy type, he will continue acting this way until he’s certain that you feel something for him, too. If he’s a bit bolder, then he might try to impress you with his looks or personality.

He might be nervous because you intimidate him.

It’s so easy for him to stammer in front of you because he believes that he’s way below your level. Perhaps your beauty, intelligence and sophistication don’t just mesmerize him, he also feels lowly just by being paired with you.

He’s no longer in control of his emotions.

This guy simply can’t control his feelings anymore. He’s too smitten by you that’s why he gets nervous whenever you’re in the same room with him.

His insecurities are starting to eat him up.

This guy looks at himself as a very mediocre or common man. He feels that compared to you, he’s but minuscule dust in your sandy shore. He will easily break into a cold sweat whenever you’re near him because he doesn’t have enough confidence in himself.

He might be trying to hide something.

Maybe this guy has told pretty much everyone about how he feels for you and you’re the only one now who’s been kept in the dark. This guy must be turning ashen white in front of you because he’s nervous that his friends might give away his secret.

He’s afraid of refusal.

This guy might have experienced being rejected in the past. This is a bitter sting that can’t be easily forgotten so he’s trying his best to ascertain your feelings first before he makes his move. If you do like the guy, try not to make it too hard for him anymore.

He still wouldn’t want to admit his real feelings.

He’s nervous that his expressions might give him away. So he’ll try hard to hide his real emotions and in the process, he would look so anxious. This guy is definitely interested in you because your mere presence affects his demeanour.

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