Lilies VS Roses: Which Should You Send?

Roses are the most commonly sent flower in the United States, but lilies are equally as impressive to many people. There is something about the large four pedals and interesting colours with blushing centres that really make big lily blooms grab the eye when combined with other flowers in a vase. This leads many to wonder when they should send lilies and when roses are still the most appropriate choice.

For starters, lilies are not the new roses. It’s not like they are new phenomenon in the florist market. They are just one of the more popular flowers that could possibly rival the rose for many flower lovers. It is probably because they come in a wide variety of colors like roses and have large, distinctly shaped blooms that really grab the eye. When surrounded by flowers with more traditional flower shapes, they really stand out.

Sending Roses

Roses are still the top pick if you want to send a romantic, sentimental message to someone you have deep feelings for. A bouquet with lilies won’t speak as much love and passion as a traditional vase filled with a couple dozen bright red roses.

Nothing says love like roses!

It is also a good idea to stick with roses if you know your recipient really loves them. Rose lovers may like lilies, but they probably love their roses even more. It’s important to keep their own thoughts and preferences in mind since it is them that you really want to impress.

Remember that roses come in a variety of colours and can be used to show appreciation, friendship, and other emotions besides love. Romance is just what roses have traditionally been known for.

Sending Lilies

You should consider sending lilies if you have sent roses many other times to your recipient. You will surprise them by sending something different and you may find that they actually love the look of the lilies more than the roses you typically send. Even if you go back to roses next time, it’s nice to try new things to get a better response.

Liles are also great options when you are sending well wishes to a friend or acquaintance that you are not in such a deep relationship with. They are pretty and give off the vibe of warm wishes and friendliness.

They are great for sending to a new mother after bringing home the baby or for saying congratulations to a new college graduate.

Keep in mind that lilies are not usually purchased by the dozen like roses can be purchased. They are usually combined in elaborate bouquets and can be combined with an endless list of other flowers.

Sending Roses & Lilies

One final option is to send a bouquet of roses and lilies. You can still speak the language of romance when you go this way, but with the right colour of roses you can also give off the friendship vibe if that is more appropriate.

For instance, a bouquet of yellow roses and white lilies might be perfect for your sister who just graduated college but bright red roses with contrasting bright white lilies would give a more romantic feel for your girlfriend’s birthday.

Lilies and roses are both beautiful and massively popular today. They both grab attention and are memorable. Yet, they serve different purposes and send different messages when sitting in a vase.

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