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Pros and Cons of Being in a Committed Relationship at a Young Age

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Committed Relationship

Are you the type to date around and only stick with one person for a month, tops? Or are you more of that one boyfriend, high school sweetheart, the date for three years plus kind of lover?

No matter what you are or what you have been, there are and always have been both pros and cons of being in a highly committed relationship. According to popular opinion, there’s no point in wasting time; here are ups and downs.

PRO: It allows you to grow with somebody else and learn how to accept others in a way that is entirely selfless. Having someone there for you can help you get over hard times much easier and help you strengthen your weaknesses and battle your addictions.

CON: Then again, you can completely lose yourself and become moulded into something you never were. You may even become your worst enemy if the feelings are too strong.

PRO: You can become comfortable in your skin to the point where sitting on the toilet in front of your lover is not embarrassing and not shaving for two weeks is okay.

CON: At the same time, you can become too comfortable to the point where every day is the same thing, and the spontaneous factor isn’t there anymore.

PRO: It’s a great way to spend special holidays with someone you’ve been committed to for a long, long time.

CON: But if you want to go out with co-workers after work, you might feel obligated to call and “ask for permission,” or it may cause a fight due to a change in routine.

PRO: The sense of belonging is excellent. Knowing somebody will hold you down and never give up on you and your love can really boost someone’s overall well-being.

CON: Jealousy can become overwhelming if you are so serious you want to be married. That makes having opposite-sex friends a lot harder.

PRO: Sharing expenses as far as living, driving, food, and vacations are ultra nice.

CON: Feeling like you have no control over your own money can be hard. What could be especially troubling is if you feel you have to make decisions together all the time.

PRO: But making decisions together can prove to be very beneficial, critical life-altering decisions such as having surgery or buying a house.

CON: Sometimes, being too wrapped up in one person disables you from making any new friends, and it can quickly destroy existing friendships.

PRO: Your family will be happy to see someone you trust and who will keep you safe. Also, your goal of having kids young can be accomplished.

CON: An early pregnancy due to living with someone too soon can cause a lot of short term and long term problems in the relationship.

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