Rubbing Her The Right Way Full Body Massage of Your Lady


Great Lovers are great massagers. Few things can bring such pleasure to a woman as a massage. And, here you are with the desire to give your lady pleasure. Perfect!

Let’s see how you can please your partner with a full-body massage that soothes her body for weeks.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. A willing female…should not be too hard to find. Women LOVE massage.

2. A flat surface. It could be a bed, could be just the floor. I bought a fold-out padded massage table, which cost me about $130. No matter what flat surface you’re using, spread out a couple of sheets that she can lie down on. You could use a blanket underneath for extra comfort. But you’ll be using lotion or oil, so use old sheets.

3. The number one lotion should be coconut oil; the second might be baby oil. But pretty much any lotion will do. Coconut oil will be absorbed into the skin, but any mineral-oil-based product won’t.

massage lotion
Rubbing Her The Right Way Full Body Massage of Your Lady 3

4. A couple of old bath towels and a sheet. Your lady might be more comfortable and not get cold if you cover part of her with a sheet.


Here is the procedure I recommend for a luxurious massage. Set aside an hour for the entire massage. Men, please understand that this massage will likely make you wildly horny because it’s intimately visual and tactile for you. You get to look at AND touch EVERYTHING.

Maybe you’ll get lucky…maybe not. But you can’t wrap sex up in this little ball and expect her to play along. Many times, your lady will get in the mood through massage but don’t make it a package deal. Do massage without expectations.


1. Have your lady take a 20-minute bath with bath salts or essential oils. I recommend lavender oil; very relaxing. While she’s in the tub, you prepare the massage area.

2. Have your lady lie down, face down on the flat surface.


3. I recommend starting at her feet. Since the feet have nerve endings for the entire body, starting at her feet will affect everything above the feet.

4. Apply the lotion or oil by placing the lotion in your hands first, so you warm up the lotion. You could also place the lotion bottle in a bowl of warm water to warm it.

5. Do the foot massage.

6. Keep adding lotion as you move upward. Deeply massage the muscles in her calves, then work the hamstrings on the back side of the thigh.

7. Gently massage her butt muscles. There’s your first reward.

8. Begin massaging the lower back and work your way up to the shoulders. Take a lot of time on her back muscles. A lot of tension gets stored in the back muscles. Also, work her shoulder and neck muscles carefully and gently.

9. Work her arms from the shoulder down to the hands, and then give her a hand massage.

10. Clean off your hands and give a scalp massage.

Now have your lady flip over on her back.

11. Start at the feet and work your way toward her head. On her thighs, work both outside and inside thigh muscles. When you get up to her breasts, massage them gently, and also gently massage the underlying chest muscles. (have your lady do a breast self-exam while lying there; a good time for it).

12. Make a facial massage—lotion and fingertips, very gentle motion. Try not to stretch the skin. Massage the temples and her jaw joint.

That’s it! Have your lady wrap up in a sheet and head back for another bath or a shower. Or, she can simply get into a gown or pyjamas and keep all that moisturizer on her skin.

Then, YOU be the one who picks up the sheets and puts away the lotion and other stuff.

You have now given your lady one of the most coveted and prized gifts you could give her: your time, gentleness, strength, and head-to-toe pleasure. If you think she bragged on you for the hand or foot massages, it will be nothing compared to how much she will talk about the full body massage you gave her.

So get busy! Full body massages are a key element in becoming a Great Lover.


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