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Is your sexual past a problem for your boyfriend?

The most common and obvious problem that leads to sexual problems with a boyfriend is trust.

When we don’t trust someone with our bodies or our bodies with theirs, we can find ourselves in an almost impenetrable cycle of mistrust and hurt.

This is why a healthy amount of trust is so important in any relationship, even if we have to work at it. There is a time to trust, but it’s important to know when you need to stop trusting and re-evaluate. This trust is sometimes called “open-handed love,” a willingness to be totally vulnerable, to trust your mate, even in ways you normally wouldn’t.

Some sexual problems are rooted in this problem of trust, and sometimes the most significant sexual problems you’ll find with a partner come from this simple matter of trust.

How Can Sexual Past Affect Relationships?

The impact of your sexual past can really put your relationships in jeopardy. Let me give you an example.

Imagine the following scenario.

You’ve just been diagnosed with a sexual health problem. Your doctor says, “the risk of getting or spreading HIV is extremely high.” You are devastated and have no idea where to turn for support.

This means you’re having unprotected sex without even knowing. You likely have multiple partners, maybe from all around the world. You’re a little depressed, a little angry, and you feel a little ashamed. You’re a little numb, and you’ve lost your confidence. How’s your love life going to be now?

Several circumstances may affect your sex life with your partner.

  • One possible reason is that you may not be very excited about your sex life.
  • This could be because you are depressed, are in pain, or are experiencing sexual dysfunction.
  • A study showed that sex and emotional intimacy were affected in this scenario.
  • Another reason is that you may have experienced sexual abuse or assault.
  • If this was the case, you should not feel guilty about this. You are not to blame for what happened, but you can feel the damage you have suffered.
  • Although it will not be easy to open up to your partner about your past, doing so can improve the healing process.
  • A third possible reason is that you have been involved in multiple sexual relationships. This could be an ex-lover or a one-night stand.
  • If you feel guilty about this, the guilt may manifest in sexual performance or performance anxiety.

Regarding dating, the last thing your partner wants to consider is another woman he’s been involved with. If he imagines you having a sexual relationship with someone else, it may drive him insane.

If so, do you have a tumultuous sexual past that includes a variety of relationships? So, if that’s the case, it’ll be difficult for your partner to handle. But he’ll have to come to terms with it. Don’t you dare allow someone else to hold your history against you and hurl it in your face? Unless it’s recent history, leave it in the past tense and move on.

He Should Accept It

He has to accept you for who you really are. Being with him is a choice he made, therefore he has to come to terms with you for who you are. And this has enormous implications. It doesn’t imply that he needs to approve of your sexual past, but it does mean that he cannot hold it against you. It’s totally out of character for him to express interest in you and then start interrogating you about trivial things from your history.

It’s a sign that he wants to date you if he always brings about your pastel appearance. Tell him he has two options:

Either you two split up, or you two remain together…but he is forbidden from bringing up your sexual history again. Never. Not even when you and your partner are at each other’s throats.

Learn from your errors and move forward. Even if you have a few brief thrills from sex or hooking up, the damage to your reputation and self-esteem is long-lasting. Changing your “free-loving” habits is the proper thing to do, which counts. It’s also possible that your guy is too concerned about your previous relationships, so you may want to reconsider dating someone so pious and judgmental of your sexuality.

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