Valentine Day Ideas

What Are The Best Days to Propose to Your Love

The day you decide to pop the question will be one of the most memorable of your life. This is why many men choose a special day for their proposal.

But which are the best days, and which ones should you avoid? Many guys will be surprised to hear that Valentine’s Day is not the best day for a marriage proposal. Now, if you are like most men, you are going, “Wait! I thought Valentine’s is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year – how can it not be the perfect day to ask my girlfriend to marry me?”

The biggest reason not to propose on Valentine’s Day is that it is cliché. Every woman wants her proposal to be special and unique, and doing it on Valentine’s is neither. In fact, most women that I know would prefer a wedding proposal on any day of the year other than February 14th!

So, with Valentine’s thing cleared up, what days are good? How about her birthday? Well, that would be better. At least a birthday is meaningful to the individual, unlike Valentine’s Day. But if you do decide to ask her out on her birthday, don’t forget to do something to celebrate her birthday, as well as propose.

When you drop to one knee to give her that most special piece of wedding jewellery, The Ring, chances are your girlfriend will not also be looking for a separate birthday gift. But it would be nice to get her a cake. In fact, it could be fun to have the ring presented on top of a cupcake after dinner.


Christmas is another big day for proposing to your girlfriend for marriage. As this is an already gift-giving holiday, it does allow for some fun and creative ways to present the engagement ring or ask questions. I know one man who gave his girlfriend an iPod for Christmas.

When she played the first track, it was a proposal instead of a song. Another fun idea for a Christmas proposal is to give her a piece of jewellery such as a strand of pearls. When your beloved opens the box, you can tell her that you were hoping to see her wear that jewellery at your wedding.

New Year Eve

New Year’s Eve is another holiday that many men choose to propose to their girlfriends. There is a lot in favour of a proposal on this day. It is such a festive and celebratory day that everyone is in a great mood. Also, asking your girlfriend to marry you on New Year’s Eve will be the perfect start to the New Year.

Easter Day

One holiday that is perhaps less common for marriage proposals is Easter. I think that this would be a great day because you can slip the engagement ring into an Easter egg in her basket. Won’t your girlfriend be pleasantly surprised to find a diamond instead of just some jelly beans?

Of course, there is no reason that a marriage proposal needs to take place on holiday at all. Any day that you choose will become an exceptional day in your relationship. If you do like the idea of proposing on a day that has some significance, why not do it on the anniversary of your first date?

Not only is it a date that has meaning to your relationship, but your girlfriend will no doubt be impressed that you remembered it. She will be sure to say yes!


The best days to propose are those that hold personal significance for both you and your partner. This can include anniversaries, birthdays, or during a special event or vacation. By choosing such a day, you can infuse the proposal with added sentimentality and meaning. Additionally, proposing on a day with personal significance, such as the spot where you first met or a memorable location from your relationship, can make the moment even more special.
It’s important to consider what your partner would appreciate and enjoy when choosing the ideal day to propose. Reflect on their preferences and the things they hold dear, as this will show thoughtfulness in your proposal planning. Taking into account any romantic or memorable moments that align with significant dates in your relationship can add an extra layer of emotional depth to the proposal.

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