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The Biggest Mistakes Men Make in a Relationship

There are countless things men do that can break up their relationships. Sometimes, it may come as no surprise when a man takes the liberty of ignoring his lady.

Relationships are difficult to sustain. Very few relationships support for long with both partners happy. Most people carry through a relationship without any joy.

We all start our new relationships with hopes, dreams, and beautiful aspirations. But often, we see couples, or in our relationships, where things turn sour.

What can be done to keep a relationship strong and joyous?

Avoid these common mistakes.

  1. We are not investing enough time in your relationship.
  2. “Housework” is not just for women. You can learn how to do laundry, vacuum the house and wash the dishes if you haven’t learned in the past.
  3. Your partner is NOT your Mom and is not responsible for helping you remember what it takes to keep harmony and peace in your relationship.
  4. Thinking everything is about you and for you. Being selfish in a relationship.
  5. Storming out of an argument without an agreement to at least come back later for resolution
  6. You are not listening to and supporting your partner’s ideas even if you don’t believe in them.
  7. You are constantly talking smack about her family members. You knew who they were before you became involved with her; whether you like it or not, they are there to stay. Please remember that blood is thicker than water. That doesn’t mean you can’t voice an opinion occasionally; it just means don’t constantly rail on her family even if you are right. You’ll plant a seed in her that may grow into a thorn bush.
  8. They are not taking your time in bed with her to allow her to grab a piece of heaven. Men want quick affection, sex, and security with a woman. And then we want the space and relaxed distance. Women wish to space and relaxed distance. THEN they want affection, sex, and a build-up of trust and security.
  9. Not learning to be emotionally available.
    Women aren’t asking you to stop being a man; just talk about who you are, where you came from, past history and future dreams.) If this is hard for you, seek help or join a group.

Counselling sessions may be challenging for males. Traditionally, it is centred on talking to one another and sharing. These are conditions that are friendlier to women. However, there are male counsellors available, so you don’t have to talk to just anybody about your problems. You are in control of the decision-making process. Going to counselling is not an indication that you are weak. If you choose not to go, it is more of a display of weakness on your part since you are avoiding genuine problems, and you might end up losing the person you love.

Mistakes that men should avoid

  • Never tell any woman she has put on weight; even if you think it only makes her sexier, keep silent. Most women are fiercely fighting against extra pounds – dieting, taking pills, and working out until they faint.
  • Don’t nag at her for spending the whole day and a fortune in a beauty parlour. For girls, a new hairstyle or fresh manicure symbolizes a new life.
  • Never criticize her cooking skills, even in the most delicate way (“My mom usually adds eggs in the pancake batter”). Your mom has nothing to do with your relationship.
  • Never praise another woman’s looks if your girlfriend is around. Beware that the mere fact that divas of this calibre exist on the same planet makes every woman’s life miserable.

Your girlfriend is concerned about her body, no matter how perfect she seems to you.

  • Don’t take your girlfriend to tournaments in soccer (hockey, golf, etc.). She will either sit there bored and ruin your fun or will get to like the sport, and in no time, she will know more about soccer (hockey, golf, etc.) than you do, which will piss you off eventually. This way, she will deprive you of one of our main guys’ pleasures.
  • In most relationships, both partners try to avoid conflicts. Conflict includes such examples as arguments, differences, and variances. The

We’re all unique individuals, and that’s what makes us interesting. That’s what sets us apart from one other. However, avoiding our relationship is something we do on occasion. As with number one on the list, this is felt more acutely by the other person. Blaming others (or other things) and denying our responsibility is the worst thing that we can do.

Blaming someone else for our mistakes is a common way for us to avoid taking responsibility for our actions. Manipulation and evasion of one’s own identity are the goals here. Even if you don’t need assistance, you should avoid making these blunders if you want to maintain your relationship strong, loving, and healthy.

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