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The Different Meanings of a Single Rose

A rose is not just a rose. The meaning of a rose can differ based on its color, number of roses, and the occasion. For example, red roses are often given on Valentines Day as they symbolize love and romance. However, white roses represent innocence and purity. A single rose can mean “I love you” or “Thank you” while a dozen roses represent perfect love.

A rose is a beautiful flower that has many different meanings. Each colour of rose has a different meaning, and even the number of roses has a meaning.

Flowers can express many feelings, and this non-verbal language is prevalent nowadays. Each of us has sent at least one message to someone with the help of a flower. Sometimes whole conversations between two lovers are spoken through flowers.

What do Different Colour of Roses Mean?

The most meaningful flower of all is considered to be the red rose. A single red rose is now usually used to send a message of love. Many messages can be sent through single roses, like :

A single white rose is used by someone that wants to say ‘I’m sorry’ to his/her significant other. It also has some other meanings. Since medieval times white roses are considered to be a symbol of light, purity and innocence, so sending a single white rose may also mean that you consider that person to be pure, or that your love is very pure.

-a single yellow rose expresses happiness and love. Sending a single yellow rose to your half means that you are happy with your love and relationship. But be careful because single white roses have two meanings! They can also express jealousy, so sending someone, one can mean that you are jealous. The best thing to do is to attach a note to the rose, explaining exactly what you mean.

-a single peach rose is used to send a message of friendship to a best friend or even to a lover.

-a single purple rose expresses beauty. So if you want to tell someone, he/she is beautiful send him/her a single purple rose.

-a single pink rose is an elegant way of thanking someone because this is what pink roses transmit: gratitude.

Finally, a single black rose says ‘it is over’. This is a way of ending a relationship – sending a single black rose together with a note.

But, as mentioned before, the single red rose is considered to be the most beautiful and romantic. Even in ancient Roman time lovers gave each other red roses. In those times, roses were the symbol of the Roman goddess Venus, the goddess of love, so ever since then, a single red rose clearly states, ‘I love you’.

Also, the red rose petals are used to symbolize love and to create a romantic atmosphere. They can be left to float in the bathtub or simply spread throughout the house or near the fireplace. If your lover is away, you can add some rose petals to your letters.

Red roses have been a continuous source of inspiration for artists everywhere, and thousands of paintings and poems have been written inspired by roses or by a single red rose. It has been said that a single red rose speaks volumes, so choose the fine rose and send it to someone you love now.

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