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The Sensual Art of Tease and Denial: Drive Your Man Crazy

Tease and denial techniques are when the dominant partner puts up with and allows the submissive to feel her desires, thoughts and fantasies but denies her actual release of them.

The idea is to make them very aroused, so very aroused that they will feel that they must have you so that you can convince them to do whatever you want them to do. Tease and denial is an effective techniques used to drive a man crazy.

Tease and Denial Technique Explained

The tease and denial technique, also known as teasing or denial, is a sexual technique that involves denying a partner sexual intercourse or other kinds of sexual activity. It is often a part of the BDSM and kink culture and involves playing games of seduction and temptation that typically lead to intercourse.

The ‘tease and denial’ technique is a sexual technique that involves teasing the partner with sexual advances and then withdrawing the advances before any sexual intercourse takes place. This can be done with physical teasings, such as running one’s hands over the partner’s body without actually touching them, or with verbal teasings, such as making suggestive comments without following through. The ‘tease and denial’ technique aims to increase sexual tension and excitement.

The purpose of the technique is to make your partner extremely aroused in every way he can possibly be. You should make him believe that you are enjoying it with him and you want him as much as he wants you.

You should tease and deny your partner to the point where he will want you so badly that he will do anything for you. He will want to have sex with you, oral sex with you, or anal sex. He will even try other things like masturbation, role play, or watching you masturbate. You will not let him climax until he gives you what you want.

Do Men Like Tease and Denial?

We need to understand some essential principles of male chastity fundamentally; we need to know what it is and is not. What it’s not, for most men at least, is the fantasy of simply being locked up in a male chastity device and ignored.

Some men want, to be sure, but the majority don’t. And this is good news for their wives and girlfriends who, at first blush, think their man is asking for celibacy rather than chastity.

So, now we understand this, we can perhaps begin to see what tease and denial are all about, taking your man to the edge of orgasm and then refusing point-blank to let him cross that all-important line. See, male chastity is about having MORE sexual contact, not less.

Now, many women feel a sudden surge of fear and apprehension when they imagine doing this because most of us have had the experience at one time or another in our lives of being referred to as a ‘prick tease’. But understand this is NOT the same thing. This is something your man wants, and he really, really does mean it (believe it or not, many, many men have had this fantasy for most of their adult lives).

being wild in bed

The other concern is, “if he’s being denied… how do I get mine?”

Well, that’s easy, too. And here are three ways to treat your man to some serious tease and denial while being thoroughly satisfied yourself:

  1. Make him treat you to long and slow oral sex. Yes, obvious to most of us, but to many men and women, it’s new (amazing, I know). The problem is usually technique — in that men don’t have any! They simply lap away like dogs, and it’s BORING. So, instead, write the lyrics to your favourite song out with your tongue while you’re pleasuring her. I guarantee you’ll drive her wild with pleasure.
  2. Lock him in a chastity device, use a strap-on or a proper sheath, and have him make love to you. He won’t feel anything, but he’ll be ready to explode as he sees the incredible time he’s giving YOU.
  3. Unlock him and use his penis like a vibrator without letting him inside you. You’ll have to be careful with this one not to let him enter you or orgasm by accident, but I can tell you from experience, this ROCKS.

Downsides of Tease and Denial

Using tease and denial to build up excitement before engaging in sexual activity can be a form of kinky foreplay. Tease and denial can be an exciting type of foreplay for some people, particularly if they are not sexually aroused at the time. However, teasing and denial can also lead to sexual frustration, which can harm a person’s mental health.

Tease and denial may also strain a relationship if one partner refuses to acknowledge their partner’s sexual desires, which can lead to resentment.

The risks of teasing and denial can be mitigated by communicating with each other and negotiating boundaries before engaging in any sexual activity. If it is used in a more vanilla context, finding a sexual partner who shares similar sexual interests and understands your boundaries may be helpful.


If your lover wants to be teased and denied, it could be that they are trying to communicate that they want you to be more dominant in bed. The key here is not to rush your partner into anything they aren’t comfortable with. This can only be figured out after you’ve spent a lot of time getting to know each other, which may be the whole point of being in a relationship. It can be really stressful trying to do something different every time you get into bed with your partner, so why not just do what feels natural.

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