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Top 10 Quotes for a Cheating Partner

Quotes for a Cheating Partner

“A relationship is not about how truthful or faithful you are, but rather how much you can make the other person want to be dishonest.”

“Forget the times he walked by, Forget the times he made you cry, Forget the times he spoke your name, remember now your not the same, Forget the times he held your hand, Forget the sweet things if you can, Forget the times & don’t pretend, remember now he’s just your friend.”

“Love is a game played by different rules. We cannot use our hands, we cannot use anything except our brains and our imagination. All that we can do is to give our hearts.” – Henry Miller

“The day you finally decide to love me will be the day after I have given up on chasing you.”

“Deep down you know it’s best for yourself, but you hate the thought of him being with someone else.”

“I was born the day you kissed me, died the day you left me, but lived for the time that you loved me.”

“We don’t have to break up. We’ll just take things slow.” – My boyfriend told me this when we were having problems. (It didn’t last)

“What do you mean you don’t love me anymore? Of course I still love you! I haven’t stopped loving you since the first time I saw you.” – My girlfriend, who cheated on me, said after breaking up.

“One cannot truly experience the beauty of love without enduring the pain that comes with it once it is lost.”

“The hardest part of loving someone is knowing when to let go, and knowing when to say goodbye.”

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