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What Factors Make a Man Try to Get a Woman?

The main reason why a man might try to get a woman is for sexual pleasure. There are also other reasons as well such as emotional and financial satisfaction. We also have to take into consideration that men try to get women for various purposes such as security, status, etc.

Men’s Ego

Many men feel incomplete and unsuccessful unless they have a good woman at their side. Man’s ego is boosted when he has a woman of his own.

He wants to show her off to his friends and boast about her beauty! The more he knows that he is envied on account of his woman, the more successful he feels.

Emotional satisfaction

You might be thinking that a man will try to get a woman in order to feel loved. Of course, love is a very big factor in a man’s life. When a man feels emotionally secure, he will also try to feel emotionally and physically secure as well. A man will most likely try to get a woman in order to feel emotionally secure.

The Missing Rib syndrome

When a man finds the “perfect” soul mate he is totally satisfied. He unconsciously looks for his missing rib! When he finds her, he tends to look at her as a part of him and feels incomplete and lost without her. This is why he falls in love with a woman and wants to make her his so that he feels complete!

The need to find a soul mate

Most men feel the need to find their soul mate. It is imperative to find a woman who is compatible in every way. This urge in a man to find the woman of his dreams makes him pursue a woman he is attracted to and very soon he finds himself falling in love with her! He wants to find a woman who will be with him and support him in every way.

Mental vibes

Not all men go for just physical beauty. Most of them are turned on by intelligence. Therefore men have a basic need to be able to vibe mentally and intellectually before they can fall in love with a woman. This makes them feel more secure and sure of a happy relationship.

Physical Satisfaction

A man is biologically designed to get a woman to have sex with him. This can either be a woman who is wealthy and has a large family or a woman who is wealthy and doesn’t have a large family. In either case, a man is biologically programmed to look for women who are well-endowed. He will be more attracted to a woman who is endowed with large breasts, a large vagina, etc. Of course, in either case, a man might try to get a woman because he is interested in sex.


Men do have a competitive spirit and if one man finds a woman to share his life with, then his best friend wants to do the same! This is why you find many men doing their utmost to get to know a woman better so as to fall in love with them. It gives them a great feeling of achievement to be able to love a woman.

Status and prestige

A man will most likely try to get a woman who will make him look and feel better than he actually is. A man will do this for two reasons: one is that he will try to make himself look and feel better by getting a woman with status and prestige. He wants to make himself feel better than he actually is in order to justify his lifestyle. The second reason why a man will try to look good is that he wants to help others look and feel good. If he knows that he can help others look good he will do so.

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