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What Will Really Make a Guy Miss Me a Lot?

These Tips Will Make Him Miss You Like Crazy

When you get a taste of a really good cake, but there’s too little of it to feast on, you find yourself looking for that exact same cake in different bakeshops, and wanting the entire pan instead of an itty-bitty slice.

You’re the cake – make him hungry for you. There’s a secret to making a man go crazy just thinking about you. Here’s how to make him miss you more.

Never settle for “ok”

Going the extra mile is just about everything to any relationship. Mediocrity makes you seem like the millions of other girls walking past him everyday. But if you know how to add a little bit of oomph in anything you do, he will always compare, and find you better than anyone or anything. Everyone puts sugar in their coffee, but you use a secret recipe that involves honey. He may not know how you make his coffee, but he’ll sure keep craving for it, and you, when you’re not around.

Get off the circuit.

You’re perpetually online on Facebook, and you respond to every single text message you get, doesn’t matter who it’s from. If he knows you to be such kind, he’ll put you at the least of his priorities. Why? Because you’re so easy to reach, he doesn’t need to call ahead for reservations. This means he can go gallivanting around, and if he’s unlucky, he can turn to you. But when he does, it doesn’t mean he’s missing you.

Leave subtle trails.

Try this trick. When he invites you to his home for dinner and a nightcap, leave something material that will remind him of you. A scarf, maybe. Or spray your perfume on his pillow. The keyword is subtle. If you throw the entire contents of your bottle, he’ll know what you’re doing, throw out the pillow, and simply get a new one. But if at the end of a long day, he lays on his bed and smells you, he’ll be reminded of what a great time he had with you.

Your subtle trails shouldn’t lead to you that easily.

So you left your scarf on his couch. He doesn’t know you left it there on purpose, and if you’ve made a good impression on him, he will return it to you, but with the main intention of seeing you again. So he will call to tell you that you left your scarf. Be ‘unavailable’ a few times that he asks, until he can’t take it anymore and he’d probably deliver it to you himself, with flowers.

Be busy.

The worst thing you can do to yourself if think about whether he’s thinking of you. After a great date, get on with your life like a normal person. If you are single, mingle with other people. If he calls again, turn him down a few times gently by telling him you’re busy. Never be standoffish, or he’ll simply move on with his life and find someone else. A trick is to make him wait. “Saturday? Oh no, I’m sorry, I have a beauty convention to attend, but next week would be great.”, is better than saying “Sorry, I’m busy.”

Try something new once in a while.

You’re beautiful, and that’s exactly how you caught his eye in the first place. But try staring at the same old thing over and over, and you’ll soon find your eyes wandering. Always keep your guy missing you by giving him something new to look at.

The great thing about this also, he gets to imagine you when you’re away, and everyone knows the anticipation heightens with imagination. Tell him you got a tan, but let him know on the phone. Then, don’t bother showing yourself for a few days. He’ll keep wondering how you look.

Hold on to your emotions.

If you are dating but are not at a point where you are in a relationship, you will have to hold off on telling him how you feel in the meantime. The guy simply enjoys your company and whatever you do have. If you reveal what you feel, and especially if you drop the L word, he may shy away from you and force himself to forget you because he’s pressured. Allow him to miss you and the fun times you have together without the drama.


A lot of women wonder what will make a guy miss them. Often, they think it has to do with sex or physical appearance. However, this is not always the case. If you want a guy to really miss you, there are a few things you can do.

First, try to be yourself around him as much as possible. This means being confident and showing your true personality. Guys are attracted to girls who are comfortable in their own skin and who are genuine. Second, don’t be afraid to be a little flirty. This doesn’t mean that you have to sleep with him or lead him on, but it does mean being playful and showing interest in him. Guys like it when girls flirt with them and it makes them feel wanted.

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