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Why does love drive people crazy?

If you have a conversation with two people, one of whom has never experienced love and the other of whom is profoundly in love, you will notice that they communicate in quite different ways.

If you ask someone who has never been in love how they feel about what the other person is saying, the answer will be that they think it’s ridiculous.

Can Someone Love Someone Else Insanely?

Is it true? Is it possible that love might drive a person insane? It’s possible that this is not lunacy in the sense that psychiatrists understand it, but rather a craziness of emotions. Is that what you mean? Why does love act in such a way? In order for us to comprehend this, we need to delve deeper into the concepts of love and passion. Is it a matter of friendship? Is it a matter of aesthetic appeal? Is it only a matter of liking one another? What really is love, and why are we in this relationship in the first place?

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Love encompasses all of these characteristics and extends well beyond them in terms of connection. When two people fall in love, they have an intense and complete emotional tie with one another. A person who is really in love finds it impossible to contemplate a future apart from their sweetheart.

If a lover is cut off from their beloved, they will experience the same kind of anguish as a fish does when it is taken away from its water source. Love consumes every aspect of one’s existence. Love is the source of life. Love emerges as the central motivation for living. Love is both the beginning and the conclusion of life. This is what love is. And that’s why some people refer to love as madness!

Does Love Consume a Person’s Energy?

There is no rational way to explain why or how someone may feel this way for the person they love. There is no mathematical formula that can determine the outcome of this situation. Everything about it is emotive.

In addition, the feelings are so intense that they consume the entire person’s personality. Why does a flower appear to all of us to be so beautiful? Why is it that the sight of a breathtaking sunset captivates our attention? Why do we enjoy strolling along the beach so much? Do we know? Are we able to provide answers to these questions? It’s possible that the only response we have is that “I feel happy doing it.”

When a person is in love, they experience happiness—specifically, a level of happiness that is incomparable to any other kind of bliss. When one is really in love, they tend to forget their problems, as well as their joys and even their very life.

If you haven’t already, let yourself fall in love and experience the craziness it brings. You are about to find out why people who truly love each other are sometimes referred to be insane.

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