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Why Won’t a Guy Kiss You? Find Out Right Now

Are you a girl who’s stuck in a relationship where the guy seems okay and romantically interested in you yet he won’t even go near you to give you a kiss?

There could be many reasons why a guy won’t get intimate with you at once, here they are:

He is intimidated by you

It’s okay to be confident but if you go beyond what’s normal, then there would definitely be a problem. Sometimes, the way you carry yourself says a lot about who you are.

But sometimes, it could make the guy feel insecure or anxious. Try to tone down your smarty-ass attitude and you’ll see that your man would learn to relax around you.

He’s afraid that he won’t measure up to your exes

So you’ve had relationships in the past and you openly told your man about it. He could possibly think that your exes have given you great lip service and that he might just fall short if he tries.

All this man needs is an assurance that your feelings would remain the same no matter what (whether he’d kiss you well or not!).

He feels that he’s way out of your league

The guy may also want you so badly yet deep inside him, he might secretly feel that you’re way too good for him. This guy might be rethinking his game plan so that he can be more confident to be with you.

He’s afraid of commitment

…and, somehow, he might feel that kissing you is moving up the romantic notch. For most guys, this is a biggie and this could be the reason why he’s sorting out his feelings first. Once he kisses you, what would that act entail? Is he in for good?

He felt that you’ve snatched his task

Guys like to chase and if you’ve pressed yourself on him a little too soon, then he could easily think that there’s nothing left to know about you. Some men actually want to be the one to initiate any form of physical contact and if you become a little forward with them, they could get annoyed.

He simply thinks that you’re not a girlfriend material

Seeing that you’re too easy, this man might just be whiling away his time with you until he finally finds the right one. And since you’re not someone that he would need to take seriously, then he might also feel that there’s no need to start kissing you anytime soon.

His heart could still belong to his ex

A man who’s not over his ex will never be able to respond to any of your intimate advances on him. He may be dating out but his heart could still be locked with someone or he’s still trying his best to get over a past relationship.

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