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Your Ex-Girlfriend is in a New Relationship?

How to Steal Her Back

If your ex-girlfriend is in a new relationship and you still love her stealing her back has likely crossed your mind a time or two.

If she’s dating someone else, chances are good she’s done with you. She may have just been testing the waters to see if she could find someone who might actually want her.

Many men in this situation take the evident approach and decide to bash the new man in their ex-girlfriend’s life verbally. If you choose to do this, you can kiss your ex goodbye.

There are other ways to handle this situation that will result in you having a solid chance of winning her back.

How does one feel when their ex dates someone else?

Although internally, you’ll feel driven to insult the man your ex is dating, she’ll take this as a sign of jealousy. Jealousy isn’t an appealing trait in a person, and if your girlfriend sees you displaying it, she may decide that you don’t think you measure up to her new man. It also makes you look petty and immature.

If your ex-girlfriend is in a new relationship, never talk poorly about the person she is dating. Don’t allow your feelings to get in the way of this. Any negative comment you make about him will come back to haunt you in the future.

How to Steal Your Ex Back?

You have to be persistent and patient, not in the least arrogant, so don’t get yourself a bad reputation. You have to be more responsible than your ex-girlfriend to get her back. I’m going to tell you all the ways you can do that. Read them very carefully!

Step 1. Talk to her about your feelings

Don’t talk to her too early! Don’t force her to open up! You need to listen to her, don’t get involved! She will feel very much uncomfortable.

So, what to talk about? First, you can ask her why she broke up with you and then say that you can’t help but be crazy about her. You know, you always think about her, and it’s always in your mind. Please don’t be ashamed to show that to her.

After you get that answer, please don’t be shy, talk to her about your feelings. For example, say that you missed her, you were thinking about her every day, you always think about her and her smile.

Then tell her that you will never let her go even if you don’t know why she broke up with you. You would do anything to have her back, and you just don’t want to lose her again. Tell her what you do. Don’t talk about your feelings too early.

After you said all that, ask her: “Would you like to get back together?”

If she wants to, she will say “yes.” But you still have to do the second step if she doesn’t.

Step 2. Be nice

You need to be nice to her. That means that you should apologize for your mistake. It’s good to say that you feel awful and that she is the right one, not you.

She will say “no” when you don’t want her back, so you have to be nice! But when she tells you that she wants to get back together, you should be happy and excited!

It’s hard to be nice when you don’t want her back. But you need to be kind to her when you want to be with her again.

Step 3. Don’t ask too much

Don’t ask too much! If you do that, it will make her nervous and feel uncomfortable.

It’s a great way to ruin everything! That’s why it’s a bad idea to talk about your feelings. But if she asks you if you want to talk about it, just try to find a quiet place and talk about it. She can tell if you are really sorry, and she can tell if you are not.

Also, try to be a good person for her. It means that you don’t want her to get hurt. It’s better to give her one more chance. So, she can tell you aren’t like another guy who wants to control and use her. So, be a good person!

Step 4. Don’t be afraid to love

Don’t be afraid to love! If you want to steal your ex-girlfriend back, you must love her. If you’re going to see her smiling, you have to see her smiling. You should try not to let her get mad.

Be a loving person to your ex-girlfriend.

Step 5. Be honest

Be honest to her. If you lie, it will ruin everything! She will tell you “you lied” and then she will tell you “go away.”

It’s impossible to have a good relationship without honesty. So, if you want to be honest to your ex-girlfriend, then tell her the truth. Don’t lie

Step 6. Show her how you love

You need to show her how you love her. And that’s how you can steal your ex-girlfriend back.

You can write a note with how you love her. Or you can give her a gift. Don’t let her forget that she is your girlfriend. Make sure to be nice to her. Give her one more chance to feel your love.

That’s how you can steal your ex-girlfriend back.

Step 7. Ask her how she feels

Do you know? It’s very hard to know how your ex-girlfriend feels. So, what can you do about that? Well, you can just ask her how she feels.

It’s the easiest way to get her back. Just ask her: “Do you feel the same way?” And she can tell you how she feels. And if you can get her to say “yes,” then you can steal her back easily.

Don’t ask “do you miss me” because that’s a very personal question. But you can just say that “you are the one I always think of.” That’s how you can ask her how she feels. You just need to be patient.

If you want to steal her back, you must establish yourself in a new role in her life. When your ex-girlfriend is in a new relationship, you should do whatever it takes to become a trusted and loyal friend to her. Suggest to her, after the breakup, that it would be nice for you two to remain friends. Then work to show her that you can have a relationship with her that is non-threatening and not romantic.

Be available to her when she needs you but ensure that you keep her at arm’s length. This can be tricky, but if you accomplish it, she’ll begin to view you as a trusted confidante and start sharing things about her new relationship with you.

Keep an open mind and always offer unbiased advice. Never talk badly about her boyfriend to her; instead, focus on what is good about that relationship. If you do this, you’ll be right there to pick up the pieces for him when that relationship ends. Considering that most rebound relationships don’t last, this approach works incredibly well as you’ll already be close to her when she needs you the most.

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