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Does Your Ex-Girlfriend Wants to Get Back to You?

It’s been a few months since your break-up and you still can’t seem to move on. Your friends tell you to forget about her and move on, but you just can’t. You keep wondering if there are any signs that she wants to get back to you.

It can be difficult to tell if your ex-girlfriend wants to get back to you. She might not say it outright, but there are usually signs that she’s interested.

She Tries To Find Out About Your Personal Life

A sure-shot sign that your ex-girlfriend wants to get back together is that she always acts so nosy towards your personal life. She wants to know what you are up to all the time, in such detail that she may even ask what you are doing at work if you are dating again, whether or not you are talking to other women, etc.

You see, she wants to know if you are dating again because she is jealous of the idea of you with someone else, which is an obvious sign that she still likes you.

She Hasn’t Moved On

What can be more obvious of the fact that your ex-girlfriend wants to get back with you than that she STILL has not truly moved on? You don’t see her really dating any other men, and she still makes an effort to talk to you, even if you don’t see each other that often.

If she wants to talk to you, then you are either dealing with a situation where you and she are having a lot of fun and she wants to keep it going for a while or the relationship is over and she wants to have a great sex life. You can also go the other way and if you are talking to her for the first time after being single for a while then you are having fun and can continue the fun for a while.

This is a sign that she hasn’t moved on, but if you notice her always talking about the past and reminiscing, it’s time to accept that she still wants you back!

She’s texting you more often

Maybe you haven’t been able to see a lot of her lately. Maybe she’s been busy, but when she’s with you, she seems happy. If you haven’t been seeing her all the time lately, it may be a sign that she’s ready to see you more often again, and that’s because she wants to get back to you.

Her texts to you or messages to you on social media may not be about trying to keep you around and be in your life. Her texts to you may be about trying to get back together with you because that’s what she wants to do and she’s trying to find out if she can get away with doing it.

It may even be a text to ask you for a favour. Maybe she’s looking for a favour and is trying to see if you’ll help her, and if you do she may reward you with a relationship with her or with someone else.

She Seeks Your Approval

You find her trying to get your attention and meet your standards still. She will always try to impress you or show you that she has changed, which is seeking your approval.

You might also notice her trying to validate herself around you. This means that she feels worthy, desirable, or wanted through being around you, and you can tell if she is validating herself with you whenever she asks you for an opinion related to her… such as how you feel about her, what you think about something related to her, or for advice.

This means she values your opinion and your idea about her, which in turn means your ex-girlfriend wants to get you back; otherwise, why would she be constantly making such a huge effort to try and meet your approval?

She keeps the doors to her life open

Maybe your ex-girlfriend hasn’t let go of you just yet, but if she is ready to move on, she won’t keep you in her life all the time. Even if she still likes you, she’ll likely let you know how she feels so you won’t make the same mistake with her that you made when you were together. If she is in contact with her friends and doesn’t want to talk to you, she’s letting you know that she wants to be with someone else. She might be doing it subtly, as she may be on a public dating app but not be as public about it, or she might even be texting you while you’re with your friends, but if she keeps herself accessible to you, then she’s letting you know that she’s ready to let go of you.

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