Does Your Ex-Girlfriend Want to Get Back to You?

4 Ways to Tell If She Still Wants You!


Do you have a bad breakup? Then you’re more than familiar with the aftermath of a painful breakup.

You might be thinking about how it’s over, and that it’s finally time to move on, but a part of you is still hoping your ex-girlfriend doesn’t want to get back to you.

Well, read on to find out the four ways to tell if your ex-girlfriend still wants you.

Signal #1: She Tries To Find Out About Your Personal Life

A sure-shot sign that your ex-girlfriend wants to get back together is that she always acts so nosy towards your personal life. She wants to know what you are up to all the time, in such detail that she may even ask what you are doing at work if you are dating again, whether or not you are talking to other women, etc.

You see, she wants to know if you are dating again because she is jealous of the idea of you with someone else, which is an obvious sign that she still likes you.

Signal #2: She Hasn’t Moved On

What can be more obvious of the fact that your ex-girlfriend wants to get back with you than that she STILL has not truly moved on? You don’t see her really dating any other men, and she still makes an effort to talk to you, even if you don’t see each other that often.

This is a sign that she hasn’t moved on, but if you notice her always talking about the past and reminiscing, it’s time to accept that she still wants you back!


Signal #3: She Hates The Idea Of You Dating Again

This is 100% true for every single woman; if she becomes enraged when you hint that you may be dating again, then your ex-girlfriend wants to get you back! You see, no woman would go nuts over the idea of a man dating unless she still desired him.

You can test this out just by suggesting to her that you are dating again, or you can look back and see her reaction when you dated in the past and if you have dated anyone new since the breakup.


Signal #4: She Seeks Your Approval

You find her trying to get your attention and meet your standards still. She will always try to impress you or show you that she has changed, which is seeking your approval.

You might also notice her trying to validate herself around you. This means that she feels worthy, desirable, or wanted through being around you, and you can tell if she is validating herself with you whenever she asks you for an opinion related to her… such as how you feel about her, what you think about something related to her, or for advice.

This means she values your opinion, and she also values your idea about her, which in turn means your ex-girlfriend wants to get you back; otherwise, why would she be constantly making such a huge effort to try and meet your approval?


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