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Your Ex-Girlfriend Wants to Be Friends – What Does it Mean?

“Can we still be friends?” Sounds sweet, would not it? Why is it that your ex-girlfriend is asking to be friends again?

You may be surprised by this, but it’s actually not uncommon. In fact, it’s quite common for people to want to remain friends with their exes. And there are many reasons why your ex-girlfriend may want to remain friends with you.

The reality of the matter, though, is that you are just about to school by one of the oldest strains inside the historic previous of breaking up. Your ex is efficiently saying, “I like you, but not enough to continue dating you.” At least not correct now.

She may simply want to stay friends because she enjoys your company and likes spending time with you. This is especially likely if you have a lot of mutual friends and you’ve always gotten along well.

What does it mean she wants to be friends again?

The first thing to consider is that it could be because she’s looking to build a new friendship in her life. This does not mean she wants a relationship with you. After all, if she wanted a relationship with you, she wouldn’t have broken things off in the first place.

On the other hand, being a friendly, normal, and friendly person, she might be looking to build a new friendship. Maybe she’s single and feels like she’s missing out on making new friends.

Whatever the reason may be, I think it’s a good sign that she wants to spend time with you again. It’s a good sign that she is asking to be friends again because she’s trying to get back into your life.

What’s to do?

When your ex-girlfriend wants to be friends with you, she dangles a carrot. If she’s the one who ended points, she is conscious of you proceeding to love her. Instead of letting you go, she’s stringing you alongside for her private selfish causes. Being buddies with you is the fitting technique of breaking up slowly, so she would not have to feel any aches.

Your ex will get to see you, focus on you, email and textual content material you – usually even cling around with you. She will get the entire social and emotional benefits of getting you spherical, however, with not one of the drawbacks associated with full dedication.

Once more, you get to fake that you just’re happy with such an affiliation. Right now, you might be afraid to inform her in every other case for fear of shedding her. So you sit gladly by, “being there” for her, even perhaps watching as your ex begins a relationship with a completely different guy. Every time you watch her kiss a new boyfriend, your stomach lurches … nonetheless, there’s not a lot you’re able to do. Why? Because you have got pulled up an entrance row seat inside the dreaded Friend Zone.

Understand one factor. If your ex gives friendship after a break-up, she’s not over your relationship. You can use this knowledge to shortly draw her once more, sooner than she strikes on with one other individual.

So how do you get your ex-girlfriend once more?

By not collaborating within the nice little friendship place she created for you.

Instead, refuse your ex-girlfriend to provide for friendship when she gives it … or do you have to accept it already? You may have the ability to throw it away correct now.

Tell her one factor like:

“Look, I cannot be buddies with you. I such as you an extreme quantity of.

Give her one remaining hug, after which she slowly strolls away. Disappeared for a while. Do not make any ex-girlfriend contact, cellphone calls, emails, or anything else. Do not even substitute your Facebook net web page – you want to keep a full, silent thriller to your ex … a minimum of for a while. Make her face the break up all in her private, without you holding her hand.

Here’s the place your ex needs to make a various – each she goes out with you or loses you. You’ve let her know you aren’t going to settle for half a relationship, and they’ll respect you for it. While she’s debating whether or not or not or not she needs you in her life, she’ll even be apprehensive about what you might be doing.

If your ex loves you the least, she’ll miss you shortly. Once you have acquired that, getting your ex once more turns easy. There are strategies for re-establishing a connection collectively with your girlfriend that will lead once more to romance. But certainly not settle for friendship … not when you’re looking for one factor totally different.

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